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Rose is still sad that she's not at Lake Tyr as Chuck makes her open her eyes. She sees her beloved wondering and soon afterwards she realizes why too, the two of them are glowing in all colors of the rainbow. Rose herself is wondering what's happening too as the look on her face is just as surprised as Chuck's. She squeezes her eyes together and thinks, 'I was think of Lake Tyr...' There is no time to think of anything more as the moment 'Lake Tyr' crosses her mind again both Rose and Chuck start to glow again, this time brighter than ever before. Soon they send of a blue hue and silently disappear from the living room.

A few short moment later, Rose and Chuck find themselves outside of the base. Not even too far from the entrance of it either, but far enough to see the Crystal Resort and hear the people and Pokémon that are playing on the shore of Lake Tyr. It isn't the location Rose had in mind, but she is happy nonetheless, even though she has no idea what just happened. Rose doesn't realize that her thinking of Lake Tyr so strongly caused her and Chuck to Teleport away, however, due to her being of a too low level to naturally know the move, the move has more control over her at the moment than she has over the move. And on top of that it isn't all that accurate either.

Still a bit confused as to what happened Rose looks around and takes in the stimuli she receives for her surroundings. She then turns to Chuck with a most loving look on her face and sends a sapphire blue color into his mind and point into the direction of the sounds. Tilting her head a little into that direction too she hopes Chuck will understand her message.

Meanwhile inside the base, Rowan hears another knock on the door. He is about to go and pull the lever to open it, but Behemoth beats him to it again. This time however, the Steelix just returns to his resting position, knowing fully well Rowan will try and stop any attempts of him having some fun again.

Then, as the doors open, a whole group of Machoke enter, carrying big boxes full of furniture. A man enters with them, "Delivery for Rowan Virote, please sign here sir." Rowan signs the paper the man is holding in his hand, safely secured in a clipboard. "Thank you sir, we will just continue decorating according to the blueprint than. Just act as if we're not here, we'll be gone in a minute."

And so Rowan sees his base getting decorated just as the blueprint he send to the contractors dictates. He smiles and thinks, 'Finally, my Secret Base is finally livable.'
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