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Originally Posted by kaisap112 View Post
Spring Safari, 8 A.M.

On one spring morning, a rather large group of Pokémon Trainers from all over Fizzy Bubbles gathered at the abandoned Safari area. They'd all received the following letter through the mail:

In accordance to the instructions provided by the second slip of paper included, the Trainers were now waiting anxiously for the event to begin. Finally, a young woman stepped over to the microphone set on a small stage, poking it a bit to see that the sound was working alright. She then pushed her long hair behind her shoulders and pulled a bit on her green dress, clearly nervous to be in front of all these people.

"Good morning, everybody! I'm glad to see so many of you here today. My name is Noriko, and I'm a member of the Spring Safari Staff. We've organized this little event to celebrate spring and to have a good time with fellow Trainers and Pokémon." Noriko took a deep breath, trying not to follow every coach's advice to imagine her audience naked. "I will not tell you more about the plans we have in store for you today. Please direct your attention to the screen."

A rather large screen appeared, rising from the floorboards beneath the young woman. Once the movement stopped, what looked like a map appeared on the screen.

"As you can see here, we've done some work on the good old Safari, and we have a number of areas for you to roam in search of Pokémon. Speaking of areas..." The map on the screen suddenly had lines and numbers on it.

"We've used a raffle to split you all into smaller groups and to decide the areas you will be visiting today. We have all kinds of Pokémon in all kinds of areas, and this way it is easier for us to monitor your progress. You may have noticed the numbers, so I'll now explain the areas.

"Area 1. is The Abandoned Mansion.

This area contains an old abandoned mansion, which door has been walled shut from the inside. The building is old and there's a danger of collapsing if hit by direct attacks, so extra caution is required from visitors. You can also access the small gardens of flowers and wild weeds.

Next, we have area 2., the Rocky Beach.

This area is usually a cool beach, but the water has yet to return to anywhere else but the fountain located on top of a rocky hill. On top of the hill you can find an area full of rocks of all shapes and sizes, and the fountain, which shoots out a constant stream of lukewarm water. The area is mostly rough terrain, but the sandy beach areas remind of the pleasures of summers to come, don't they?

The third (3.) area is the Grass Jungle.

This area is full of plantlife: grass, tress and flowers everywhere, this place makes for some good hiding places for Pokémon. Beware though, as there are plants and berries with various side effects lying around.

Then, area 4, the Flower Field.

As the name suggests, this field is full of flowers in all shapes, sizes, colors and species. This area is fairly calm and quiet compared to the rest of the Safari. A small river flows through the field, ensuring the hydration of the flowers - and possibly acting as a place for some new Pokémon to hang around...

Last but not the least, we have area 5., the Woody Swamp.

The area of trees and a small swamp in the middle, the Woody Swamp can either be a walk in the park or an utter disaster depending on how careful you are. Better keep an eye on your Pokémon, just in case.

You will all be transported to your respective areas by our little train here." Noriko waved toward a small, red steam train. From the conductor's seat waved an old man, who seemed to have a bit of a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Mr. Ressha has agreed to help us for today. Don't worry, he's an excellent conductor, long as you act properly on his train. I'll be on the train with you to let people know who needs to get off at which station. We'll also be collecting you from those same stations at the end of the day."

An assistant then walked in from the back with a large cart full of bags, with a second assistant following him with a cart full of umbrellas in all the colors of the rainbow. Noriko nodded at the assistants gratefully.

"Now, we're not sending you off empty-handed. You'll all receive bags, which contain the following items" Noriko lifted one bag off a cart and opened it. "We're giving you a Pokéball for catching your Pokémon of the day, a long rope to help you, and a digital camera for making memories. You are free to use the rope and camera in any way you wish, but we'll be collecting them back at the end of the day. You'll of course receive copies of any and all photos you take with the camera. Also keep in mind that you can use these things in many, many ways." She winked to the audience. "But you'll have to find out what that means! On top of all this, we're giving you all your own umbrella - you can pick any color you like, we've got a load of them as you can see. This is due to the unfortunate fact that a local weather center's group of Castform are on the loose in the area, and they're the playful type. You are not allowed to catch or approach Castforms in the event that you see them, as requested by the weather center."

Noriko picked up a yellow umbrella from the cart. "We'll keep you posted about the weather and other things through the speakers scattered around the Safari. Now, if you could please form a line and each Trainer can pick up one bag and one umbrella. No pushing!"

After all the Trainers had received their equipment, Noriko directed them to form a line and step on to the train. The train then began to move on the track slowly, like the group was on a landscape tour. Spring had made the Safari very green and lively, the Trainers and Pokémon enjoying the view. A few minutes passed by before the train suddenly came to a halt. Noriko stood up.

"Alright, this is our first stop! I'd like to ask the following Trainers to get off the train on the station here" she waved to the appropriate direction, "to Area 1, The Abandoned Mansion.

[Missingno. Master

Now, on the other side you can see Area 3, the Grass Jungle. The group going that way includes the following Trainers:

[Gemini Spark

We will be back for you by the end of the day, listen to the speakers for the appropriate time. When you've unboarded, the rest of us will move to the next station. Thank you."

The Trainers moved slowly but surely for the right doors and waved at the remaining passengers as the train started moving forward again. Ten minutes passed before the train stopped again.

"Okay everybody, we've arrived at Area 2 and Area 4! The group heading for the Rocky Beach" she waved at the door "includes:

[Green Zubat
Bless the Metal
Ex-Admiral Insane
Lass El

After a moment, all the Trainers heard a voice that clearly came from the speakers.

"Good morning ladies and gents! This is your friendly neighborhood announcer Mike, working my butt off while Noriko's having all the fun.

We're gonna start off with a little weather report: The Abandoned Mansion is having some lovely sunlight this morning, while the Rocky Beach is still waking up with some light morning fog. The folks over at the Grass Jungle are also enjoying some sunlight. The Flower Field, on the other hand, is having light drizzle along with the sunlight - there's a nation that believes mice are having a wedding when it rains and the sun shines at the same time, did you folks know that? But this time it might be because there's a good old rainy weather at the Woody Swamp! Watch out or you'll sink right in.

That's all for now folks, Mike out!"

The Spring Safari Event was now officially open.

“Well, we’re here.” The trainer looked around at the safari but it seemed deserted. Not many trainers were around. “But where is everyone? Am I late?”
A Ralts walked up next to him. “Ru.” He didn’t know either.
Pulling out his invitation along with instructions, Lucas gave it another look; reading it from top to bottom. His eyes stopped and fixated at the time that was written down on the green coloured card. He did have the wrong time, but he wasn’t late, he was early. A whole hour early in fact.
“****, @#$%&*! Are you kidding me! I stood up early for nothing? I could have gotten an hour more rest! Do you have any idea how I early I had to get up to get here on time! And now I have to wait! Lucas was raising his arms into the sky as if blaming whatever supernatural deity may be resposnible for it, even it was his own fault.
“Slaaaakoootthh.” Looking down at his feet, a Slakoth could be seen hanging on his left leg. It was agreeing with him, an extra hour of sleep would have been nice.
“Don’t give me that!” The trainer was focusing his anger on his own Pokémon now. “All you ever do is sleep!” The lazy Slakoth, which Lucas mistakenly nicknamed Kong, a name for something that was strong and active, did very little and the past few days were spent on trying to get the sloth Pokémon to move for even a short moment. A failed attempt which had already angered Lucas before he had arrived at the safari.
“Ruru.” The emotion sensing Ralts was trying to calm his infuriated trainer down with his soft spoken words.” The emotions he could sense felt hotred and uncomfortable to it.

Lucas merely grunted. “We might as well look around while we’re here. Plan ahead if needed.” Not that he would though.
Lucas and Rags started heading towards the fence to take a small peak behind it. Kong was being dragged by Lucas’ leg, almost anchoring his trainer.
“Get. OFF!” With those two words, the trainer gave one big pull to loosen Kong's grip but it didn’t help. Lucas continued by shaking his leg in the air. He stopped when the Slakoth’s grip didn’t loosen and stared at it, his leg still half in the air.
“Are you kidding me! How can you still be sleeping!” The Slakoth was sound asleep the whole time his trainer was dragging him. He was practically ignoring him like he wasn’t even there.
“You’re sleeping and you still don’t let go?” The young man continued by shaking his leg angrily but gave up soon afterwards. For a lazy Pokémon it sure did have a good grip, even when sleeping. Perhaps the name Kong wasn’t such a bad choice after all.

Once at the fence, Lucas and Rags marvelled at the sight in front of them. There were different areas suited to almost any Pokémon’s habitat.
“Look.” Lucas said. “There’s a jungle area just like the one where Kong’s species would live. I’m sure he could sleep peacefully on those branches.” He glanced a menacing stare at Kong, expecting a reaction from it.
“Slaaaaaa?” the Slakoth said sleepy.
“So that means we’re not going there!” Lucas snapped at his Slakoth again. It was clear that the Pokémon was being a drag on his shoulders and his trainer had just about had it with him.
“We’re not going to a place where you can sleep out of our reach. We';; lose you forever that way."
"Even if that is what you're planning on," he muttered under his breath.
"No, we're going to find a place where sleeping will be as uncomfortable as possible. Maybe then you will finally get up and move."
The Slakoth opened one eye and looked at his trainer. He scratched his head then closed them again, completely ignoring Lucas as if whatever he had to say was unimportant by nature. Lucas was more like a fly on the wall to Kong.
The insult from his Slakoth was evident. It wasn’t exactly because he was disobedient but because he was lazy and had little care in what others thought of him, including his trainer.
“Why you little..” Lucas raised his leg as if he were ready to stomp, all the while gritting his teeth in anger.
“Ru!” Rags quickly tried to hold his trainer off from stomping down but was struggling a bit. It was enough to hold his trainer off for a few seconds.
“Slaaa?” The Slakoth opened one eye again to see what was going on. He saw his frustrated trainer and yawned at him as if he was boring and unimportant once more, despite the obvious physical threat.
“Oh I’m so going to-“ Lucas sentence stopped halfway. The Yawn attack had hit him and was now sending him into a deep sleep. With a loud thud, Lucas dropped to the floor, sleeping right next to Kong who was equally snoozing.
”What? Why did you do that?” Rags asked Kong.
”Because..” The words came out of the Slakoth’s mouth like a long breath. It was even tiresome to listen to. ”Now..I..can..sleep” And with that, Kong fell right back into a deep sleep.

5 turns later

”Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no no no no.” Rags was slightly panicking right now. The presenter was already explaining the safari and it’s rules and his trainer was missing all of it! If he didn’t wake up soon, they’d miss the whole event. Desperate, Rags jumped on his trainer’s stomach and slapped him silly across his face. It worked. In one quick movement, Lucas shot up and clamped his face in pain.
"What!?” It took Lucas a few seconds before he realized what was going on and Rags didn't have to bother answering him. Lucas got up and hurried to the other trainers who had just finished listening to the announcement and started getting in line. Having missed what was said, Lucas and Rags decided to simply join the line and see what would happen. The Slakoth was following right behind them, clinging to Lucas’ leg once again and weighing him down as he tried to run to end of the line.

Once on the train, Lucas still didn’t understand what was exactly happening. He assumed the train was giving them a short tour around the safari and he zoned out has he stared through the window at the passing trees. He completely missed how trainers were announced to board off the train. Once near the Rocky beach, one of the areas provided by the safari, his name got called which caught his attention. He looked up in surprise at what was happening and noticed how other trainers were being called out too. Trying not too embarrass himself, Lucas followed the others out of the train without a word, hoping to get an explanation later.
With a goodbye from the female announcer the train set off, stranding him with a bunch of other trainers. Wait? What? Lucas was now slightly confused at what was going on. Don’t we get too choose where we go? Rags that stood by his side merely sighed. Having followed the announcement in his trainer’s stead he already knew that they were dropped off at random spots by raffle. He said nothing to his disorderly trainer though.
Looking around, Lucas noticed how the other trainers were holding similar items except for the umbrella that had different colours. He hadn’t even noticed until now that there were different coloured umbrellas and so glanced at his own.
“What! PINK!?” Lucas’ umbrella was pink, an almost laughable colour to have by chance. A colour wouldn't have mattered that much, but his frustration was building up again.
“Slaaaa.” Kong replied to his trainer; a possible insult.
“Shut up!” Lucas shouted at his Pokémon. His Pokémon’s laziness and thus his disobedience was angering him again, bringing back their old argument of before now added with the disappointment of the pink umbrella.

Trying to ignore Kong as much as he could (with the help of Rags restraining him a bit from pounding Kong) he returned his Pokémon to their respective Pokéballs and recollected his thoughts on where they were.
We’re finally in the safari. The place where we compete with others to catch Pokémon. There might be some good or rare Pokémon here.
It took a few seconds before he put those two sentences together. To have an advantage, he'd have to quickly get ahead of the others.
He sped off in the direction of the fog. thinking "You snooze, you lose!" he shouted towards the other trainers as he ran into the thickest parts of the fog. He could almost hear Kong replying to his trainer's words.
Shut up.

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