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Confused though Melittin was by this whole thing, he knew that somehow, some way, Coselle was Lalu's mother. Then he saw the glare Coselle shot at him, the glare which threatened a world of hurt should the Beedrill do any harm to Lalu. The glare's meaning was not lost on Melittin, and as Lalu invited him to come meet her, he said, "Alright, sure, Lalu. Actually, I met her before, but I got something I gotta talk to her about anyways." He flew over to where Coselle was and ascended so he was level with her face, though this time, he felt no hostility towards her, not like the last time they met, back when he was a newborn Weedle. "Look," he said to her, buzzing quietly so only Coselle could hear him, "I know we didn't exactly get off to the best start, you and I. But if you are what I'm told you are, then you'll be able to tell how much I care about her. It's true there might be a lot of people and Pokemon out there I'd hurt if given the chance, but Lalu ain't one of them. I'm never gonna hurt her. Never."

Myrtle could sense that, while Mr. Nose has settled down somewhat, he was still feeling a great deal of confusion about the whole thing. Eventually, the Nosepass asked if the use of "the Myrtle" was to eat sadness, like a handkerchief eats tears. "I do eat sad-ness," nodded Myrtle. "And not just sad-ness, eith-er. An-ger, rage, an-y sort of ne-ga-tive e-mo-tion. It is what Shup-pet such as my-self eat as food."

In the living room, Chuck and Rose were continuing to watch the movie. Well, OK, not so much watch the movie, so much as cuddle with each other. As the Gastly took a moment to look at the Ralts he so loved, he was fairly surprised to notice that they were both glowing with multiple colors! Chuck figured that Rose must have been doing this, whether or not she was aware of it. "Um... Rose?" Chuck said gently.

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