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Haykhong can see that Bedivere is excited by the possibility of the new ore vein and asks if he is aware of the type of ore that is found in the mine. Haykhong, feeling important again, is more than happy to indulge him in the knowledge.

He continues on his near-whisper tone, "Lucky for you that I am an expert in the field of Geology, I will tell you. This base used to be a crystal quarry, the main crystals they mined here was quartz. That I do know for certain, but according to the information I received quartz wasn't the only thing found here." Haykhong stops for a moment and looks around suspiciously, lowering his voice even more before he says, "They say gold was found in this mine too, and my guess is that Rowan found the location of the gold vein and that that is why he wants to dig deeper into the mine."

Hayhong then returns to his normal volume of speech, "Say Bedivere, you were talking about some talented craftspokemon, could you tell me some more about them? Who they are and what they do? I might visit them sometime soon, my war medals need some work and someone of my stature does not do that himself."

Meanwhile, Lalu is still jumping around in happiness of having her name back. And Melittin is equally happy for her, saying he likes her name and that it fits her, even calling it lovely. Lalu giggles as she hears him say that.

Thank you Mel, I like my name too," she giggles a bit more, "But is doesn't beat having mom back." Lalu turns in the direction of Coselle, unable to see how her mother looks at Melittin she says, I'm sure mom will like you too Mel, you really should meet her, I want her to meet you actually, you're my best friend." And with that she jumps of again in the direction of Coselle, shouting at Melittin that he should come too.

Rowan in the meantime looks at what is going on and hears Coselle say that she's happy to see Lalu so happy. The comment makes him smile and he says, "Say Coselle, could you tell me a bit more about your relationship wil Lalu? I have no doubt you two have met before and I believe you in that you said it was even before I and Lalu became a team. I know I'm not her first trainer, I didn't catch her, I adopted her. But you seem to know things about her I do not." The young gentleman leaves a pause before he politely asks, "If I may be so bold to ask, do you know her previous trainer by any chance?? Or were you her trainer perhaps? I'm curious to know if you don't mind me asking."

At the same time in the living room, Rose and Chuck are still watching the movie Rose choose for them to watch, though not much watching is done as the two lovers are more busy cuddling each other. Rose can feel the happiness inside Chuck, but she herself is getting second thoughts about how they are spending their time together. While she's cuddled up to her beloved, her eyes closed, the thinks of Lake Tyr. She saw it when she and Rowan arrived here on Cortoza for the first time. It was perfect: sapphire blue water, beautiful nature, the mountains, it made a spectacular and romantic scenery. Oh how she wishes she was there now.

Rose is lost in her thoughts, unaware of what is happening to her and, due to them touching each other, her beloved Gastly. Their bodies are faintly glowing up in multiple colors, as if they are colored by a rainbow. The intensity of the coloring is not very consistent however, mostly faint, but sometimes flashing bright or disappearing completely.
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