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OoC: Argh! X_X I don't have my RP reply finished for Turn 4 yet, much less Turn 5, and the 48-hour DQ window is almost expired. Arc, Yuki, if at all possible I'd like to finish the reply today and then edit it in here later. I hope that's okay. Yuki, feel free to contact me via Skype or PM for what I was thinking of doing during these turns (particularly Round 5) if you need it to inform your own reply.

Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
It seemed over for Patty as she shook from the pain of the Curse, she couldn't hang on much longer. Yuuko's prety grin shone in the darkness as she felt the pride of her trainer pushing her towards victory. Jess comforted Patty as best as she could but they were not out of this yet, there was one more trick up their sleeves. Ready to end the battle now Yuuko charges up yet more electric energy into her body and releases a powerful Thinderbolt right at the candle Pokemon. Patty bears down her body glowing faintly as she take and Endures the hit leaving the Misdreavus looking shocked. Patty looks like she's about to collapse but she has enough left in her to start towards Yuuko. A dark aura covers her body and she jumps up to strike her with a Payback inflicting massive damage but not enough to finish the ghost off. Yuuko grits her teeth and shakes off the pain, now she would finish the job. She circles around Patty like a shark circling its prey and shrieks an Astonishing scream at her making her faint in pain.

"Patty is unable to battle, Yuuko and Cyrus are the winners"

Health: 23%
Energy: 03%
Status: Atk + Sp. Atk ++

Health: 00%
Energy: 28%
Status: Sp. Atk + Sp. Def +
KO'd from her injuries

Sorry it took so long to finish this battle

Congratulations to Talon and Yuuko, you had a sound strategy with Curse and inflicting Confusion and allowing the Curse to run its course. You used your moves well and healed when you needed to, well done.
Yuuko receives this Beginner Trainer Trophy . She also receives two levels.

Commiserations to lilbluecorsola and Patty Cake, the Curse was the killer in this match even if it didn't finish off Patty it robbed her of a lot of health in a few short rounds. You did well to get Yuuko down to the health level she finished at but Patty being confused for most of the match made things difficult for you. Good try none-the-less.
Patty receives 1 XP for participating in the battle.

I hope to see you both back again ^-^
OoC: Thank you for reffing us. Thank you, Yuki, for battling with me. It was a stressful battle at times for me too, to say the least, and there were many times where I felt that the final outcome of the battle would be your victory. I'm happy for myself that Curse payed off in the end, but I can definitely sympathize that a guaranteed 25% damage done per turn must have been incredibly frustrating in its own right. Perhaps something you'll look into teaching Patty Cake? Things came very close to the wire in the end, and I think that if Cyrus had been forced into ordering Yuuko to Rest to recover energy she would've been a sitting duck.

Yuuko grew to Level 21!
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