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"Reports of the mysterious predator that has been ravaging livestock all over Pompas Gaseosas continue to emerge. In its most recent attack, the creature killed and fed on over twenty Mareep in a matter of minutes, attacking them inside their own corral - before the owner even realized what was happening. This is in line with the new MO it has been using for the past two weeks, since in the beginning, it only used to strike the occasional wandering sheep.
Locals grow restless, concerned about both their livelihood and their own lives. Many believe it's just a matter of time before "El Rojo", as they call it, turns its attention toward humans instead of just cattle."

Levin cursed and turned off the TV. It could well be him - his missing Druddigon. How the dragon wound up in a place as remote as Pompas Gaseosas was anybody's guess, but it had indeed been a while since he had fled...

The young man looked outside, from the window of his Treetop House. Baal the Aerodactyl roamed freely through the sky, the one place that had remained the same since he was last alive. If only the dinosaur would allow him to Fly on his back, they could make it to Pompas fast enough to recapture Druddigon and prevent further attacks... but Baal wouldn't let a mere human command him, let alone ride him. Not yet, anyway.

He was snapped out of his troubled thoughts by the doorbell ringing. He wasn't expecting visitors - ever - so who could that be? He walked over to the front door and opened it to reveal a middle-aged gentleman, dressed in fine clothes and wearing a top hat, with a look of terror on his face that was best described as... incredibly amusing, actually.

- H-hello good sir... I... hum, I'm here to deliver a... letter, yes. Indeed. Say, are you aware that there is a... a... living Aerodactyl flying around your house?


After Levin managed to calm the man down and convince him to come inside and take a seat, things took a turn for the better; an unexpected turn, nonetheless.
He sat down in front of him, by the living room table, and handed the older man a cup of tea.

- So, what brings you here, Mister?....

- Apologies sir, I was asked not to disclose my name. All you need to know is that I serve the Lords of this land. I come with a message for you.

With that, he handed Levin an impeccably-kept envelope. What could that be? Running his finger through the folded paper, he opened the letter and started reading.
The gentleman looked on as the young Trainer's eyes widened after each sentence. By the end of the letter, Levin had a look of complete disbelief on his face, that soon turned to his usual cocky grin.

- My commendations sir. On your very first try too, unless I'm mistaken.

He wasn't. Lengthy and convoluted with protocol as it was, only two parts of the letter truly mattered: the word "Approved", and the handwritten signature of one of the Elite Three at the end.

I made it. They've noticed - no, they've accepted me. With this letter, I have gained both the recognition and the authority I deserve!

He shook hands with the gentleman and walked him to the door.

- Tell them I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, and that I'll do my very best to live up to their expectations. And thank you for delivering this to me in person. Now, like I said... Baal won't harm you. He has more on his mind than the concerns of us petty humans...

They said their goodbyes, and Levin closed the door behind him. He ran his eyes through the letter once more, to make sure it was for real. And there it was indeed, the one word that made all the difference...


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