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Originally Posted by Celebii151 View Post

The Oasis

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You groggily move towards the newfound opening, Rags’ following in your footsteps. If someone saw you, they would undoubtedly think that the two of you were very inebriated. You find yourself in a hallway, and you don’t bother to look around, desperately looking for shelter, water and food. After many twists and turn, the two of you fall over, unable to go on. “Hello?” you hear a feminine voice say. You come to, and you see that face of a woman looking at you, while an Audino is tending to Rags. “Water…” you manage to get, before passing out once again. You awaken to a burst of cold fluid covering your body, and you find yourself in a body of water, which seems like a lake. Except for the fact that it is indoors. Rags, once again is right next to you, and the two of you swim around happily, splashing water on each other like you were little children who had entered a pool for the first time. Your fun is interrupted as a woman enters the room. The woman from before. “Is that enough water for you? I think so.” She says. “Unfortunately, you must leave the water now. You must prepare for the feast. Come, I will show you to your room.” She says, beckoning you towards her.

What will you do?
Opening his eyes, Lucas' first sight was the blue liquid in which the pair of them were now in. It felt relaxing. You don't appreciate the taste and rejuvenating characteristics of water until that very moment you need it the most - and they were practically swimming in it! Before long, they had almost forgotten their desert ordeal and were now splashing around as if they were in a public pool.
"Is that enough water for you? I think so." Looking back, the two could see a woman enter. The same woman who had saved them previously together with her Audino.
The pair gave a goofy grin when she asked that. "Definitely. This is enough water." The overcompensation of water was quite funny to Lucas and Rags.
“Unfortunately, you must leave the water now," she continued. "You must prepare for the feast. Come, I will show you to your room.”
"A feast?" Lucas placed his hands over his face as if he was crying. "Oh no Rags, I knew it, I just knew it."
Rags looked up in shock. Was something wrong? "Ral-ralru?" Rags showed general concern. Something must have gone wrong for Lucas to be like that.
"I'm sure of it Rags. We're dead!" Rags calmed down and looked a bit puzzled at his trainer now. "We died in the desert and now we're in heaven." Just then, Lucas removed his hands and revealed a smiling Lucas. He burst into laughter upon seeing his Pokémon expression. "I got you there. Hahaha."
Rags was flailing his arms around in anger. "Ralral-ruru. Ral!" (Best not translate that)
Lucas merely ignored him and continued pointing and laughing to which Rags responded by pushing his trainer's head under water. Now it was his turn to laugh at Lucas. "Rururururu." Lucas lifted his head and his hair hung down his face like a cat fresh from a bath.
Eventually though, they turned and focussed their attention on the woman. Having almost ignored her, it was time to answer her question. "Sure we'll be right out." And with that, Lucas leapt out of the bath/lake. Rags followed suit, exiting in a similar manner as his trainer. "By the way, if you don't mind me asking; Where are we exactly?"

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