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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
With Chocolate's Huzzzah

It's easter Time again, with Eggs, and Rabbits and some dude who ate chocolate and died, and cae back as a chocolate zombie...or something like that, i'm close right? something to do with Willy Wonka right? I dunnno


From Arnie:

x1 Chocolate Candy (+3 Levels, Expires 16th April)
x1 Golden Egg (Cashable for 3,000 coins or used as a base decoration)

Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot Which Teaches One Pokemon the Move Chocolate Magic (see below)

Chocolate Magic - Once Ordered, the user Fires off a Molten Chocolate Blast that hits for the same power as a Bubblebeam. Once the Chocolate makes contact with the enemy it starts to stickifiy around them casuing movment to drop by 50% making it harder to Dodge or run near or away from the opponent. The stickiness lasts for 3 Rounds (and tastes pretty damn good too).
Appeal Points: <3 <3
Jam Points: <3
Contest Effect: Makes last Pokemon to appeal miss the next appeal stage.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Happy Easter Fizzby!

Our beloved Easter Buneary has again left pressies in our staff room during the dead of night so now it's time to share.
If you'd like one or more of these items, simply quote the ones you're interested in and they're all yours ^-^.

x1 This helpful Super Pass to aide in your training needs. Expires April 1 2013.
x1 Chocolate Pokéblock which will raise your Pokémon's Cute Stats by 40. Expires June 30 2013.
x1 Chocolate Memory Berry which, when eaten by your Pokémon, will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA to help it relearn four moves
it has forgotten through evolution, or to learn four egg moves it wasn't born with. In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of
Relearned and Egg Moves. (Non-Tradeable). Expires April 1 2013.

Hope you have a great day ^^
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Happy Chocolate Day!!
(Otherwise known as Easter)

Hmmm ...chocolate, the taste and spirit of Easter, a time to indulge in my favourite food and now you can let your Pokemon enjoy a chocolate overload too. Please quote only the items you want from the hamper below.

The Chocolate and Sweetie Lover's Hamper
Within each hamper are the following goodies:
1 x Chocolate Ball (Same properties as those of the regular Pokeball, just much tastier!)
1 x Chocolate Milkshake (Teaches a Pokemon a new EM or MT move they have yet to learn) Expires 16th April
1 x White Chocolate Egg (Raises a Pokemon 3 Levels when eaten) Expires 16th April

x1 which includes
x3 Mysterious Gummi
x3 White Gummi
x3 Brown Gummi
x3 Pink Gummi

Enjoy the sugar rush ^-^
Feeding a Chocolate Candy and White Chocolate Egg to Scherza the Chatot, raising her from Lv. 18 to Lv.24.
Feeding a Chocolate Memory Berry and Chocolate Milkshake to teach Mz. Moxy the Scraggy the Egg moves Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Faint Attack and Fake Out, and the MT move Foul Play.

Picking up:
x1 Golden Egg
x1 Magical Chocolate Carrot
x1 Super Pass
x1 Chocolate Block
x1 Chocolate Ball
x3 Mysterious Gummis
x3 White Gummis
x3 Brown Gummis
x3 Pink Gummis
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