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Originally Posted by Celebii151 View Post
The Oasis

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You wonder why you decided to come to the Oasis in the first place as you trek through the sandy dunes, constantly complaining, much to Rags’ dismay. Eventually, you decide to take off your shirt and use it as a makeshift hat, blocking some of the sun, and letting some heat out. You place Rags on your head, so he can have a break from dragging you around, and you keep walking. After a while, you hear Rags’ stomach growl, and laugh before your own stomach growls even louder. You decide to lay down for a while, as the sun is setting. Rags eagerly watches the sun set over the horizon as you bring out some food that you brought. The two of you dig in, then fall asleep next to each other. The next morning, you continue in search of water and adventure. Your sight begins to get blurry, and Rags tugs on your trousers. You ignore it, however, but not by choice, as your judgement is beginning to become clouded, and so is your eyesight. You realize that the desert is becoming engulfed by a dense fog, and you stop moving. Eventually, the fog begins to clear, and instead of the endless world of sand that you saw before, you find yourself in a room. A room with walls surrounding you and no apparent exits. All of a sudden, a portion of the wall in front of you begins you lower, revealing a passage.

What will you do?
The comforting rest the two had the night before was relaxing, but it didn't take long before the heat got to them again. They were going to need to drink water regularly but they also knew they had to use whatever they had sparingly. With no visible establishemnt around it would seem the smart thing to do. Unfortunately the two of them felt exhausted and and Lucas couldn't pay much attention to Rags when the little Pokémon tugged on his trousers. The small tug slightly pulled back Lucas and in that instant his sight started getting blurry. Almost like a fog. A sandstorm maybe? he thought.
It was getting worse, the fog was now completely blinding his view and Lucas wasn't sure whether it was real or just his imagination. Rags seems to have stalled from the desert mist as well. The two had to stop, they had no idea where they were going and walking around in circles wasn't the best idea to do. The fog also seemed to have cooled them down a bit, allowing them to take a small breather. They didn't say anything to each other, both were trying to think of what was going on and what they should do next.

"What's up with this desert?" Lucas finally said. "Fog doesn't appear naturally in deserts, does it?" He looked puzzingly and weary at his Ralts as he said those last words. Rags merely shrugged his shoulders. Their exhaustion was slightly clouding their judgement and even if Lucas questioned the fog, he didn't sound sincere. They'd rather just go along with whatever was going to happen. They desperately wanted to get out of the desert that offered almost nothing but sand and mist.
They both sat down to try and relax. Whatever little vapour was present in the fog felt welcome and rehydrated them without having to drink much water. It didn't last long though as the fog already seemed to be slowly disappearing.

As if the fog wasn't weird enough for the two already, their entire surroundings seemed to have shifted. Slowly, the fog was revealing not a scorching hot desert filled with sand, but walls surrounding the two of them. They were trapped in what now seemed like a room and there wasn't a single door or window to allow them out. Or at least, they thought; before they could completely observe their cage, a small portion of the wall in front of them was already lowering. A way out!
Had Lucas been thinking straight, he would have assumed that all of what he had seen and was witnessing was a simnple trick on the mind, a mirage fed to him by the heat and drought, but the two didn't want to question much. They were thirsty and tired and both of those factors were obstructing them from even opposing what they were facing. For those same reasons, Lucas and Rags walked up to the passage without a single thought in their head. They were acting more like walking corpses then intelligent life. They just desperately wanted to get out and move on and find a comfortable place to stay. They didn't do so much as glance at one another let alone talk.
They drifted, hoping that whatever lay ahead would give them some peace and comfort.

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