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Sir Haykhong lets Bedivere know that while he appreciates his offer to help, the problem had less to do with lack of manpower and more to do with waiting on the appliances and other necessary items to be shipped so that the kitchen could be properly furnished. Bedivere nods in understanding, his eyes lighting up with curiosity as the Slugma's tone lowers, as if about to share a juicy secret. Sir Haykhong reveals that he had overheard Rowan's ideas regarding the expansion of his base, though the reason for this expansion remains a mystery to the Slugma, though he suggests that Rowan could be after a new ore vein. Bedivere chortles with eager excitement, his eyes glittering.

"Oh, that is quite fascinating, indeed! Perhaps the gentleman Rowan is on his way to untold riches... I am aware of the names of a few talented craftspokemon in the area if he is in need of someone to fashion the ore into works of art or utility - to increase the value, of course." Bedivere chortles a bit. "Are you aware of the types of ore that have been mined here in the past? Geology is not one of my strong suits, I am afraid."

Meanwhile, though Rowan is surprised by Coselle's explanation of Lalu's name, he intuitively taps into the honesty of her statement, despite how incredulous the story logically should have made him. As if to further verify the truth of Coselle's statement, Lalu jumps from her arms with incredible energy and excitement at being given her name back again, and Coselle cannot help but smile in response to the happiness of her daughter.

"It is good to see her so happy," Coselle murmurs to no one in particular, as she continues idly scratching Cyanide on the head. Of course, the dark-haired maiden seems... less than thrilled at the affection with which Lalu lavishes Melittin. After all, Coselle remembered meeting that rude creature as a Weedle, and the threatening way with which he pointed his poison needles at her. Not only was he a bug that Coselle had judged as being of ill character, but he was not even of Lalu's egg group! Something deep within her found that fact upsetting... Perhaps a judgment passed on by the original mother. She hoped for Lalu's sake that the bit of affection she was expressing was simply a passing phase. The last thing she wanted was to see Lalu hurt by that bad-tempered bug. Much as the motherly instincts within Coselle tell her to intervene, the pale young woman was always one who believed in freedom of choice, especially in romantic matters, and to stop Lalu from being with the Beedrill would be one of the biggest hypocrisies the young woman could commit. Sighing heavily, she contents herself with a glare at Melittin, implying the world of hurt he would be in if he were to so much as lay a single poisonous needle on her baby.

In another part of the base, Myrtle seems to have toned down her attitude somewhat toward the nosy Nosepass, after realizing that despite his incredibly strange demeanor and misguided views about Myrtle being a handkerchief, he still meant well and was doing his best to be friendly in his own way. Myrtle tries to explain to the creature that it is rude to blow one's nose on someone else, though she does apologize for being unnecessarily cruel towards him. He seems to understand some of what Myrtle says, though she can easily taste his confusion.

Why... Why would a handkerchief NOT be a handkerchief? Mr. Nose could always trust his eyes before, just like his nose... Are eyes no longer trustable? Such a strange world here, outside the cave! If the Myrtle is not a handkerchief, then what is the Myrtle? What is her use? Mr. Nose tilts his head. I understand the walking flower is for the pretty smell and flowery kindness, but the Myrtle... She eats sadness? Like handkerchiefs eat tears? Is that the use of the Myrtle?
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