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Inside the Cable Club, a 22-year-old man materialized out of nowhere. He had a Qwilfish in his arms, a cowboy hat in one hand, and a Poke Ball in the other. Gently chewing on his head was a Gible. As Keith approached the trade machine, he pried the dragon off his head and looked at him. "You sure you're OK with this, Jaws?" he asked.

"Gible Gible," he replied, waving a small hand reassuringly. Keith smiled, then gave Jaws one last hug before returning him to his Poke Ball. Then, he placed the ball on the trade machine, and seconds later, another one materialized in its place. Keith placed his Qwilfish on a nearby counter, then took the ball.

"Well, here's our newest teammate, Hebenon," Keith said to the Qwilfish. He threw the ball up into the air. "Squirtle, go!" he shouted.

In a flash of light, the small, blue Pokemon appeared, its torso encased in a hard shell. "Squirtle squirt," said the Water-type as she looked around, finally stopping as she looked up at her new trainer.

"Welcome aboard, Squirtle," Keith smiled. "I'm Keith, your new trainer."

"Squirtle?" the Squirtle replied, tilting her head a bit. However, after a moment, she seemed to warm up to the idea. "Squirtle!" she exclaimed as she jumped into Keith's arms. Keith smiled, though this was bringing back memories of when that one Egg he had gotten had hatched into a Squirtle who reacted to him in a similar fashion. Keith had always regretted giving up Wartortle, but now it seemed he was getting another chance of sorts.

"You know, Squirtle, you're not the first of your kind I owned," Keith said. "I always regretted having to give Wartortle up like I did, but now that I got you, it's like I have a second chance at this... second chance... chance..." Something seemed to click in Keith's mind at that moment. "Hey... There's an idea," he said to Squirtle. "How about I name you Chance? Would you like that?"

"Squirtle Squirtle squirt!" exclaimed Keith's Squirtle, nodding energetically.

"Chance it is, then," Keith smiled as he picked up Hebenon with one hand. "Alright, Hebenon, use Teleport. Back to the house!"

Hebenon began to glow with Psychic power, and in an instant, they were gone.

Trading my level 1 male Gible that knows Flamethrower, plus 3,500 coins and 4 Rare Candies to Bless The Metal for his level 11 female Squirtle.

Spoiler: show
Species: Gible ()
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Type: Dragon/Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Flamethrower.
Next attack learned: Sand-Attack (lv. 3)
Evolution: >Egg House hatching>>Lv. 24>>Lv. 48>
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Sand Veil
Beauty Points: 0
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
IQ: 0
Obtained: Egg House
Birthday: February 6th
Spoiler: show
After a somewhat lengthy period of indecisiveness, Meowth selected Keith's next Egg for him- a generic Mystery Egg with no specified type. From this Egg hatched Jaws. Jaws is a hungry Gible who loves to chew things. He is not a picky eater by any means, and not unlike Crabbe, will gladly eat almost anything he happens across. He greets others by chomping on their heads, which understandably does not endear him to the rest of the team very much. In spite of this, Jaws gets along decently with the others. He and Crabbe have something of a friendly rivalry going on, both of them being big on eating. However, Jaws's preferred diet appears to be more along the lines of living things, which means he hunts for prey quite often. Marvolo was glad to teach him how to hunt, and the two are in fact close friends.

*Trade Commenced*
"Are you sure about this Ethan, I mean you've had Squirtle since we both decided to go straight, remember no crime, no high jinx, instead of the bad guys, we're finally the good guys, uhhhh kinda..."

Floating in the air next to a man dressed in all black as he was messing around a machine some where underneath a building was a Gastly and his trainer, Ethan, a man skilled and trained in the art of theft.

"Look, Squirtle was never truly one of us, she's better off with a trainer that isn't always consently on the run, she desires better," the young man sighed heavily, "'s fine."

After a moment of silence the young man continued to work on the machine, and said, "there!"

"Question-," James, the boy's Gastly interjected, "why aren't we in person doing the trade?,"

"Because regardless of our good nature, we are still criminals," he scuffed,

"This machine runs through the cable that I instructed the trainer to meet us at,"

"You think he'll show?," the ghost asked with his velvet voice,
The young man looked at his watch and said, "we're about to find out,"
He quickly placed a Red and White sphere through the machine that was then consumed by a white beam of energy, in a blink of an eye the ball was gone and replaced with another,

"Wait!, what was the Pokemon you even got from this trade,"


But before he could finish his statement, the sound of a pair of running footsteps cut him off,

"Come on, I think I heard something come from this direction" said one of the two security guards,

"Turn your flash light on!, I can't see anything in here!,"

And with that the young man and his ghost friend quickly ran away from the scene.

(Trading my
Spoiler: show
Gender: Female
Level: 11
Ability: Torrent
Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw
HMs: Surf, Waterfall
Birthday: December 1st
Met at the Egg House at Level 1 on 15th of January
Bio/Description: Hatched from one of the 8 exclusive starter egg's given out as a promotion to new comers, Ethan soon came to realize that this little turtle was no angel herself. Like it's owner, she has a tricky personality and a quick study, having gone through some intense training, giving her bubbles special qualities, allowing Ethan to carry encapsulated messages to instruct his teammates, when they have no other means to communicate.
to MM for his 4 candies, 3,500 coins and most importantly Gible with Flamethrower.)

--Trade Closed--

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