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Helena looked visibly upset at how her presence had startled the Timburr. The Fighting-type tried to introduce herself, but found it difficult to pronounce her own name. "Well, it is nice to meet you," Helena said to Tantalia. "And I am sor-ry if I scared you..." The Timburr then asked if it was true that Shuppet were mean to others. "Some of them are, but not all of them," was Helena's answer. "E-ven some of the ones who ap-pear mean are ac-tu-al-ly nice on the in-side, like Myr-tle, a-no-ther Shup-pet my trai-ner owns. All the same, it is best to not get on the bad side of one of my kind," she said quietly. "We are no-to-ri-ous for hol-ding grud-ges... E-ven me... I am not sure I like how I can get some-times," she shuddered. Then, she smiled at the Timburr again. "But you seem ve-ry nice, so I do not think you have a-ny-thing to wor-ry a-bout," she said to reassure Tantalia.

Meanwhile, over in the aquarium, Rubeus noticed that there was sludge in the water, and it was seeping towards him and Neptune. "This could be bad," he muttered, as he made expert use of his Surf to redirect the tainted water in the direction of the tank's filter.

In the strange land of darkness, Silane found herself being protected by the unexpected arrival of Chione. The Snorunt constructed an Ice Barrier around herself and Silane, begging the ghost for answers.

"Well, well, well," the ghost replied in an amused voice. "They call you Chione, do they not? Yes, yes, I remember you... Oh, you think this is a dream?" it chuckled. "Ohhh, no, no, no, no, no. See, we are... in the Haunted Mirror. This is where you go in your mind whenever you go to sleep, given that you came from here in the first place. And as for why I am doing this... I wish to feel the satisfying feeling of fear emanating from the Venipede known as Salazar. It's so much more satisfying when the fear comes from the fearless. And the one thing Salazar fears is losing his lady, so... How about you just step aside and let me... take care of business?" it said in an ominous tone as the spectral balls of fire of a Will-O-Wisp attack formed all around the Ice Barrier, melting it away within the minute. Chione then found herself getting shoved away by the same Psychic force that had pushed Salazar earlier. Then, grinning maniacally, the spirit raised its eerie, disembodied hands above it, and slowly formed a gigantic Shadow Ball.

Salazar, in the process of recovering from his latest failed Rollout attempt, gasped in shock and horror as he saw the size of the Shadow Ball the ghost was charging up. He knew that if an attack of that magnitude landed, his beloved would likely cease to exist. The grim thought of the massive Shadow Ball obliterating Silane played through Salazar's mind, and right now, he knew only one thing for certain; he would not let that happen. Salazar curled up, and started to roll, around and around in circles, building up momentum and speed, getting faster and faster. Soon, he was going so fast that he was but a grey blur, and he soon started to send sparks flying up from the ground. Focusing hard, he rolled faster than he had ever rolled before in his life. Though he had spent most of his strength on the battle, the thought of Silane sustained him, kept him going. So great was his speed that his vision was little more than a bright, bright blur... maybe too bright...

"It's nothing personal, Silane," cackled the spirit as it prepared to launch the Shadow Ball. "This is just how I roll!"

"And this is just how I roll!" came a voice as a rapidly rolling grey blur zoomed forward, smashing right through the Barrier, and ramming the ghost with a forceful Rollout attack. The spirit's humongous Shadow Ball vanished in a relatively harmless "poof" as its source was plowed to the featureless ground. But the blur didn't stop there. It kept rolling, made a wide turn, and rolled right into the spirit again. This time, the blur screeched to a halt, right between Silane and the ghost, and it now became clear what the blur was... a Whirlipede. A dark grey Whirlipede, the color of a Shiny Charizard, with a pair of blood-red eyes. Salazar had evolved into Whirlipede.

"How did you do that?!" the spirit demanded. "That Barrier attack was infused with enough energy to bring an enraged Tyranitar to a screeching halt! How did you break it?"

Salazar glared up at the spirit, filled with energy anew. "Now you listen to me, because I will only say this once," he hissed. "You will not harm Silane. You will bring us all back to where we were before, and you will not bother us ever, ever again. And if you won't, then, well... you got a taste of what Round 2 will be like, just now. We could always go through with that."

The ghost was silent for a moment. Salazar was certainly stronger now, and it hated to admit it, but that Rollout hurt! Besides, it had sampled some most delectable fear from Salazar, and after all, wasn't that what it had been after in the first place?

"Well played, Salazar," the ghost conceded. "However, be advised that I lack the power to change your coloration back-"

"I don't want you to in any case," interrupted Salazar. "I happen to like being like this."

"Very well," the specter replied. "I shall return those I have brought here to where they were." In a puff of grey smoke, Salazar and Silane vanished, and the spirit turned to face Chione. "Oh, you, now," it said to the Snorunt. "I have the shrewd feeling that you have more questions for me. Am I wrong?"

Back in the Secret Base's kitchen, Salazar and Silane reappeared, exactly as they were when they vanished- except, of course, for Salazar's evolution. The Whirlipede turned to look at Silane, a loving look in the one eye visible to her at the moment (he couldn't very well look at her with both eyes, given that they were on opposite sides of his body). "You OK, Silane?" Salazar asked.

"Hey! Hey, you're back!" Jaws exclaimed as he spotted the Venipede and Whirlipede. "Hey- Whoa, Salazar, you look... different, like, kinda."

"I evolved into Whirlipede," Salazar replied dryly.

"No, no, wait, lemme guess, new haircut?" the Gible asked. Salazar could have facepalmed if only he had limbs. "Never mind that- what happened? One minute you was here, and the next you was gone! What's up with that?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," was all the Whirlipede said in response.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Coselle stated that she disagreed with the idea that it was noble to go down fighting, that it was much smarter to flee when you know you're outmatched. Keith shrugged. "You do bring up a valid point," he conceded. "But Salazar's just determined like that. I don't think he'd be able to live with himself if he ever backed out of a fight, that's just how he is. I don't know whether it's noble or stupid, myself...

What?  Venipede is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Venipede evolved into Whirlipede!

*Salazar learned Iron Defense!*
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