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As he exited the Cable Club, Levin Sanders was a happy man. Twirling a Pokeball in his fingers, he smiled as yet another of his long-time dreams had been fulfilled - he was now the proud owner of a Druddigon.

Not long after the doors had closed behind him and he'd bid farewell to Stark, Levin decided to formally introduce himself to his new partner. He hurled the Pokeball in the air and from within the dragon hatchling materialized. Letting out a powerful roar, it stood in front of its new owner, just barely smaller than him. Impressive for a newborn.

The Druddigon locked eyes with Levin - cold yellow eyes, that didn't blink once. Undeterred, the young man stepped forward and introduced himself with a warm smile.

- Hey there little one! I'm Levin, your new Trainer! I hope you and I will get alon...

A second frightening roar interrupted him, as the Druddigon spread his wings and clawed the air repeatedly, before lunging toward Levin, tackling him and sending him crashing down to the floor! Then he turned around and started running away, as the young man clinged to his ribs in pain, unable to even aim the Pokeball at the fleeing dragon to recall him. Levin could do nothing except watch as the dragon rampaged and fled, running through the now-empty streets in the dead of the night.

- Wait! Druddigon, come back!!

It was, of course, to no avail. He was gone. Holding the vacant Pokeball in his hand, Levin cussed, not wanting to imagine the repercussions of a stray Druddigon running around in a rage. He had to get him back, he just had to! But how long would that even take?...
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