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Pomona, Rubeus, Bubbles: ''Why thank you Rubeus'' Bubbles replied before climbing into the nice refreshing water.

Jake, Telpo, Sparky, Tasu, Sprout: As Jake was pondering on what his goal in Fizzytopia was Sprout dashed right over to him in a panick. ''Jake!'' ''Jake!'' ''It's an emergency, it's Kage, she's built something very dangerous, follow me!'' Sprout exclaimed in a panick before running back over to the storage closet. ''Well come on guys let's go check it out, though I think Sprout is overreacting just a bit'' Jake said to Tasu, Sparky and Telpo before walking over to where Sprout ran off to.

Helena, Helga, Ginny, Crabbe, Kage, Jake, Telpo, Sparky, Tasu, Sprout: Meanwhile Kage was still sobbing in the closet. And though Helena and Crabbe tried to make her feel better it didn't help at all. As she continued crying she walked over to the broken machine and started kicking it while yelling ''Why?!'' over and over again. Eventually the crystal fell and shattered in two. That just made things worse, the two pieces of crystal, it represented just how far her and Aco were apart now. But just then out of no where Sprout burst in the room once again. ''Alright Kage that does it, hand over the stuff you stole, now!'' Sprout yelled. Kage didn't care if Sprout was here or not, she was too deep in grief. Sprout,clearly angry that Kage didn't respond slamed her into the wall with a Vine Whip attack. Kage tried to fight back, but in her state was unable to even pull of a single move. ''Kage, god dammit, you know how many people and pokemon you stole from?'' ''You know how many you've hurt?'' Sprout questioned the Seedot. But that's when Kage snapped. She had had enough of Sprout, and her determination to stop her. Kage managed to pull of a shadow ball, which slamed Sprout into the opposite wall. ''Why, can't you just leave me alone?!'' Kage yelled, sadness and anger both evident in her voice. Just then Jake approached the closet to see Sprout slamed into the wall again. ''Kage, cut it out!'' Jake yelled as Tasu, Telpo and Sparky went in to the packed closet to stop the two from fighting. ''Give back the items goddamit!'' Sprout yelled once again and hit Kage with another Vine Whip. But then something happened that no one expected.

As Kage got up she glared at Sprout. ''After all this, all this and you still think I'm the enemy '' Kage said, she didn't appear to be sad, though deep down she still was sad, just not as much as before. Kage then took a deep breath and then she started to glow. Kage grew taller, in place of the stem on her head grew a leaf, she grew arms and hands which she hadn't had before. And then the glow faded away. Kage had evolved into a Nuzleaf.
''Woah Kage you evolved, that's so cool!'' Jake said completely suprised before scanning her with his pokedex.
''Nuzleaf the Wily Pokémon'' The pokedex droned. ''The sound of its grass flute makes its listeners uneasy. It lives deep in forests.''
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