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Hyrem, Amethyst, Carla, Vi, Marvolo, Balmund, Orchrist, Bacchus, Liber, Kuranes, Vinay: Even after Amethyst had finished with her teammates, there was still another little Pokemon that looked like he would be annoying but strangely enough Marvolo didn't seem to find a problem with this Spinda. "Liber, hmmm? I find it surprising that you are one to be on Marvolo's good side. How exactly did you do it?" she asked the little panda curiously, taking in his scent at the same time which may or may not be a good thing for Liber depending on his answer.

Marvolo then assured her that she would catch that Torchic someday, Hyrem or no Hyrem. She knew that already, though hearing that from Marvolo made it even better; she always loved the compliments and flattery she got from him, though she wondered when he would start becoming stronger. Amethyst had found herself undergoing a steady growth process, yet it seemed Marvolo had always stayed the same, which concerned her. She was quite fine with being the stronger of the two, but if there was too much of a gap in strength between them she worried she might get over him and cause them to break up, which would be humiliating considering how their relationship started. I guess she decided to wait and see how it would play out, though his moving closer certainly helped things. He then wanted to talk about nuisance teammates, one of which was a vulgar Kakuna. If Keith had a Kakuna, it was certain that Kakuna would want to become a Beedrill soon ... that would be pretty annoying, especially if he is the way Marvolo says he is.

"Hah, I don't envy you," said Amethyst, rolling her eyes. "Hyrem has gotten quite a few new teammates lately, one of which is a silly little Taillow about as gutsy as that snack over there. I had her in my mouth at one point, though I was forced to let her go, and as you've seen he's kept an annoyingly close watch on me ever since. Not all of them are nearly that bad, though; one of them, a Mareep, I have actually found to be useful. There was this one time when I felt my skin getting too tight for me, so naturally I was extremely cranky. I decided to take out my anger on her and Wrapped her in my coils when her Static paralyzed me. Normally, that would have made me even more angry, but I was actually able to Shed my Skin much easier; that's when I realized just how perfect of a tool she was~!" she said with a big grin.

As Luke could see the situation calming down he was able to relax once again only to have Vinay ask him why he was called a "snuggly pansy". "Sigh, come on, Vin, we both know how much you like being all lovey-dovey with every human you meet. Didn't it ever occur to you how that doesn't fit Pokemon like us? We're supposed to grow to become Luxray; you know, powerful lions, proud warriors, any of that ringin' a bell, little brother?" he asked in annoyance, though he did mean well for his younger sibling.

As Hyrem sat there with Carla and Kuranes, scratching both of them, Carla purred happily as the light of the morning sun shone through the bar window and onto Carla just as the moon glowed on Cyanide the night before. As she looked at the light that shone down on her she fell into a deep trance and was presented with a vision of Hyrem hugging what looked like an Espeon, and the Espeon apparently loving him back. She had received a few visions in the past, but none of them were as clear as this one, nor did they really mean anything to her when she saw them. This vision felt very meaningful ... like it would happen in the very near future ... like it would happen ... to her.

Hyrem had closed his eyes to get some sleep, but he felt more weight on his lap, as if something was changing, and to his surprise he woke up to find his Eevee evolving right on his lap! "Wha... Carla!" he blurted out, astonished at what was happening. Her short, fluffy body became more slender, she grew tufts of fur just below her ears, which were now angled sideways, and her short tail grew out and split into two close to the tip. When she finished glowing, her fur was colored a light violet, her eyes shone a beautifully deep purple, and a bright red gem glistened on her forehead. As she came out of her trance, the newly-evolved Espeon looked up at Hyrem happily. "Wow, I can't believe it! You're an Espeon now, I'm so proud of you!" said Hyrem as he took Carla into his arms and hugged her. "Speee~!" she cooed as she returned the affection by nuzzling his cheek, then giving it a small lick before resting her head on his shoulder and purring. She hoped that other visions that came would be just as good as this one.

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