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As Lizzie was confronting the Snover who had entered the kitchen, the Kakuna who Salazar had spoken to earlier was still attempting to exit the kitchen by slowly hopping on the barely movable stinger on the bottom of his rock-hard shell. As he neared the door, he landed wrong, and fell to his side.

"GAAAAH!" shouted Melittin in sheer exasperation. "I HATE THIS! I HATE BEING A KAKUNA! STUPID STINKING-" At this point, the Kakuna lost it and went into a loud, profanity-laden tirade, his eyes flashing with anger- wait, was it anger with which his eyes were flashing- oh, no, wait, they weren't flashing, they were glowing. As the glow spread to cover the entirety of the Kakuna's body, it slowly dawns on those present that Melittin's enraged outburst was being accompanied by his evolution. Salazar's eyes widened in horror as he watched the glowing mass before him change shape. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a Beedrill, who was hovering in midair with his rapidly beating wings.

"-LOUSY ARCEUSDAMN- I'm in the air," Melittin said suddenly. "Why... Why am I in the air- no. Did I just- Jaws, did I just-"

The Gible nodded wordlessly, just as Melittin looked down and saw his yellow and black striped body, with legs, and a pair of stingers on his forelegs.

"SWEET!" buzzed Melittin triumphantly as he zipped into the living room.

"Wh-whoa!" Keith exclaimed as he spotted the Bug/Poison type flying towards him. "Melittin?!" The Beedrill stopped in front of his trainer and nodded in response to this as Keith took out his Pokedex and aimed it at his newly evolved Pokemon.

"Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokemon, and the evolved form of Kakuna," droned the device. "Extremely territorial. For safety reasons, it is advised to stay clear of Beedrill nests. Beedrill's tail stinger contains a more potent venom than the other two stingers."

Back in the kitchen, Salazar was not looking nearly as pleased as his trainer. He was glancing in all directions, an uncharacteristic look of nervousness on his face. Before either he or Silane could say anything, both Venipede found themselves being surrounded by a cloud of thick dark grey smoke. Once the smoke cleared, it became obvious that Salazar and Silane were no longer in Keith's Secret Base. Rather, they appeared to be on a hard, colorless surface, surrounded by complete and utter darkness. It was impossible to see more than six feet in any direction.

"Oh, no," Salazar whispered to himself. "Oh, no..."

What?  Kakuna is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Kakuna evolved into Beedrill!

*Melittin learned Fury Attack!*
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