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Keith walked back over to where Coselle and Rowan were just in time to hear Coselle mention Roggenrola's name- Lalu. "Lalu, hmm?" Keith remarked as the aforementioned Roggenrola hopped away. "That's a nice name."

"Yeah," Meowth agreed.

Cyanide could hear the conversation, but with Coselle scratching behind her ears, the Umbreon didn't particularly care. She merely gave a contented sigh, pleased with the attention she was getting.

Meanwhile, Lalu hopped over to where Melittin was, and excitedly informed him that she had her mother and her name back. Though the mention of her mother left the Kakuna more confused than ever before, the kiss Lalu gave him got him blushing furiously, his emotions sent into overdrive. "S-so, Lalu, that's your name?" Melittin asked. "I... I like it," he admitted. "It's a very lovely name. Very... very fitting for you," he added in an almost inaudible murmur.

As Rose cuddled up to Chuck, the Gastly happily did the same. The movie or whatever was on TV was pushed to the back of his mind. The only thing that mattered right then was that he was with the Ralts he loved.

As Mr. Nose and Pomona spoke, Myrtle found herself thinking. Odd and creepy though she found the Nosepass, there was something about his sadness that she couldn't help but dwell on. And then with a jolt, she realized- he was in the same boat she had been in when she was alive. As a Missingno., Myrtle had always been nothing but friendly to others, and never got anything but hatred and rejection for her troubles. Mr. Nose, undeniably bad though his first impression on Myrtle had been, was, after all, trying to be friendly. And to brush him off like that, she now knew, would make her a hypocrite.

Pomona smiled as Mr. Nose told her that she was very kind. "Aw, thank you!" beamed the Ivysaur. Then, as the Nosepass expressed his fear that Myrtle was "blowing someone else's nose", Myrtle floated back down to where Pomona and Mr. Nose were. She was not smiling, and she still kept just out of reach of the Nosepass from where he was standing, though the look in her eyes was decidedly less harsh than before.

"It does not make a good first im-pres-sion on some-one to ask if you can use them to blow your nose," Myrtle stated. "I do not care that I look like a hand-ker-chief, I was not in-ten-ded to func-tion as one, nor do I have a-ny de-si-re to change that. Ha-ving said that, how-e-ver, I may have been a lit-tle more rude than was strict-ly ne-ces-sar-y, and I a-po-lo-gize for that. De-li-cious though your sad-ness was, it was not my in-ten-tion to in-duce it." The Shuppet paused for a moment before continuing. "It is en-ti-re-ly pos-si-ble that we could be-come friends, though you would need to prove to me that you are not as cree-py as your first im-pres-sion has led me to be-lieve, and I am af-for-ding you the chance to do so. It is not a lux-ur-y I ex-tend to just a-ny-one," she said. "You can start by not re-fer-ring to me as a hand-ker-chief. The name is Myr-tle. Re-mem-ber that now."

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