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Sir Haykhong intervenes just in time, greeting Bedivere mere seconds before he crashes into the wall. The jovial Frillish stops floating to turn toward his dear friend, grinning widely.

"Oh, Sir Haykhong, it is indeed a pleasure! I sincerely appreciate your offer to aid me in carrying these goods. Here, allow me to balance the cheese upon your back." With Haykhong and Bedivere working in tandem, the load carried by Bedivere is easily split between the two gentlemen, and Bedivere is finally able to peer over the goods that he carries. He follows Sir Haykhong through the tunnel, an eager expression on his face. "Soon-to-be? Are you or sir Rowan in need of any assistance with the kitchen? I would be more than happy to aid you in finishing your wonderful new home. Such a lovely abode, indeed~!"

Meanwhile, Roggenrola beams with happiness as she explains all that Rowan has done for her, which appeases Coselle's mama bear instincts for the moment. Though the talk of Behemoth seems to elicit some concern from the dark-haired maiden, the Roggenrola's happy attitude does alleviate some of Coselle's anxiety regarding the little Roggenrola playing with a giant Steelix. They were teammates, and perhaps it was best for her to have some exposure to stronger Pokemon... The world was full of them, after all.

The Roggenrola's voice saddens somewhat as she tells Coselle that she has not been given a name by Rowan. Though her other teammates have been given names, including "Sir" Haykhong, she had yet to receive a name of her own... other than troublemaker. Before Coselle can respond to the nickname, Rowan steps in to ask Coselle why the little Roggenrola greeted her with such enthusiasm. Coselle does not meet Rowan's gaze; her eyes remain fixed on her daughter, as she gently strokes the rocklike creature's head.

"We have known each other long before she came into your life," Coselle comments with an odd little smile. "You haven't named her yet, have you?" The young woman pauses a bit, as the trace of a memory becomes clearer within her mind; though it is hard for her to remember anything about the deceased Roggenrola's past, this small shred of information somehow makes its way into Coselle's own mind, prompted by Roggenrola's sadness over being nameless. "Long ago... I used to call her Lalu, after the beautiful formations in rock I once observed in Ta Phraya. That was her name. Perhaps it is time that Lalu becomes her name again." Coselle seems a bit bewildered by what she had just said. She had never been to Ta Phraya... In fact, she probably could not even locate where it was on the map. Yet, somehow, she knew she had been there, and that the name for her little gem had great significance.

It is around this time that Cyanide nudges Coselle with her head, looking for some attention. Balancing Lalu carefully in one arm, she reaches with the other to gently scratch behind Cyanide's ears.

Meanwhile, Myrtle can sense the sudden outpouring of sadness from Mr. Nose, though the genuine emotion does not make the Nosepass any less unsettling to her. She encourages him to go find some other piece of fabric to use as a handkerchief. To that end, Pomona fashions a handkerchief for him out of various moves such as string shot, leaf storm and petal dance, and offers the handkerchief to Mr. Nose after giving him a hug with her vines. The Nosepass dries his eyes with the new handkerchief, and then proceeds to blow his nose, the sound of which blares out with great force, like a mini explosion. Mr. Nose looks at Pomona with an appreciative expression.

"The walking flower Pomona is very kind," Mr. Nose comments. "Pretty smell, too. Mr. Nose appreciates walking flowers." The giant nose looks up once again at Myrtle, and though his sadness has lessened somewhat, there is still a feeling of longing. "Mr. Nose is afraid that the magic handkerchief is blowing someone else's nose," he says with a sad expression.
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