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Bedivere is happy with Rowan's appraisal of his card and says he has made them all by hand and then, after Rowan asked him, the Frillish tries to make his way to the living area, though without guidance he threatens to float right into the wall. This however, is prevented by Haykhong who just happens to glide inside the playroom to give Rose and Chuck some time together as well as checking out what is going on.

"Aah, my dear friend," addresses Haykhong Bedivere, "A pleasure to see you again, but please do watch out would you? You're awfully close to walking into the wall and breaking those fine wines and porcelain platters." The Slugma moves over to Bedivere and says, "Please allow me to help you, place the platters with cheese on my back if you please. Don't worry, I won't burn them, and it will create some space for you see in which direction you're going." Haykhong helps placing some of the platters on his back and makes his way into the tunnel connecting the playroom with the living area, "Let me show you the soon-to-be kitchen."

Meanwhile, Rowan listens with great surprise to what is going on between Roggenrola and Coselle. He knows Roggenrola is a happy Pokémon and makes friends easily, but this is something completely new to him. Roggenrola was nothing short of excited and he can't remember ever seeing her jump into the arms of someone else. Then, with even greater surprise, Rowan listens to how Coselle addresses Roggenrola as 'My little gem' and asks if he is treating her well while she cradles her. Dumbfounded he looks at the two, wondering what is going on.

Roggenrola on the other hand is as happy as can be now she's in the arms of her mother again and being cradled. And just as happily she answers her mothers question, "Rowan is really cool, we've even been on an adventure together, just the two of us! And just yesterday he bought me a HUGE Regirock doll, but nothing is delivered yet, and he allows me to play with Behemoth too! So funny! You should see that Steelix's face when Rowan is scolding him for trying to attack me." Roggenrola laughs as he sees the Seelix's expression in her head, but she then continues on a tad sadder tone of voice, "But Rowan never gave me a nickname like he did with the others. Rose has her name, Behemoth has his and that goes for Sir Haykhong too," she speaks the word 'Sir' in a mocking manner, "but I'm just Roggenrola." On her normal happy voice she then finishes her answer, "But sometimes he calls me troublemaker, does that count?"

After that moment Rowan steps in, "Coselle, if I may ask, could you please explain to me what is going on between you and Roggenrola? As far as I am aware we, and you, have not met before, yet Roggenrola greets you as if you are sisters." The last words spoken such a way that it is clear Rowan meant it as an exaggeration, not knowing how close he actually is to the truth.
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