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Though Rowan had intended upon a gentlemanly hand-kiss befitting of meeting a lady, Coselle was not one for high-class manners, but at least her handshake communicates some measure of good intent and civility. After the hand-kiss turned handshake, Rowan gladly takes the visiting card and agrees to deliver it to Sir Haykhong. Bedivere grins at Rowan's appraisal of his visiting card. "Why, thank you, my good man! Each one is hand-inked by yours truly, ohohohoho~" He then listens as Rowan explains that he is more than happy to have Sir Haykhong on his team, as he is one not to be underestimated. "Oh, I should say not! His experience on the field of battle and abundance of expertise certainly mark him as one not to be trifled with, ohohohoho~!" Rowan then takes a closer look at Bedivere's gifts, and expresses his gratitude before requesting that the Frillish deliver the gifts to the living area where Sir Haykhong will be waiting. "Certainly, Sir," Bedivere chirps happily, floating gracefully into Rowan's Secret Base, though without Coselle's guidance, he lacks any sort of direction and threatens to float right into the wall if no one stops him.

As Rowan and Bedivere converse, Coselle hears a familiar voice calling out to her, and that same, strange motherly instinct that overwhelmed her in the Bar suddenly overtakes her once again. She catches the Roggenrola with a bit more ease and grace than her last attempt in the Bar, holding her close to her stomach, where the core rests in Coselle's body. The core radiates feelings of happiness and warmth, and the emotions seem to seep into Coselle's heart, cleansing the darkness within and replacing it with a motherly glow.

"My little gem," Coselle croons to the Roggenrola, "I had no idea you were living here with Rowan. Is he treating you well?" Coselle shoots Rowan an interesting little glare as she cradles her daughter; the sort of look that implies that if she hears anything but an absolutely stellar review from the Roggenrola, that Rowan's viscera would soon be quite unceremoniously separated from the inside of his body. Even if the Roggenrola's mother's emotions were influencing Coselle's mind, the dark-haired sadist was still very much herself...

Meanwhile, as Myrtle begins to speak harshly to the eager Nosepass, Mr. Nose immediately stops jumping, reacting with shock and surprise to the voice coming out of the floating handkerchief. Myrtle's anger, combined with Pomona's kind insistence that Myrtle is not a handkerchief, immediately brings tears to the Nosepass' eyes.

"B-but..." He stammers, "Y-you could be a kerchief if you wanted! Mr. Nose thinks the floating cloth is s-so p-p-p-pretty, and he would never lose the Lady Kerchief. She would alw-ways b-be in Mr. Nose's p-pocket. I would wash you and keep you nice and c-clean." The Nosepass sniffles, and by the looks of it, a torrent of snot will accompany his bitter tears if he is not soon pacified. "Pleeeeeeeease," he moans, his eyes threatening to well up.
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