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Round 3

Both Pokemon were now suffering from confusion and poor Yuuko didn't benefit from the Snatch for very long as her clones were eliminated by an irate Nuzleaf. She floats out of the grass searching out her master for comfort whilst Patty was shaking off the pain from the Curse. Both trainers fawned over their Pokemon equally concerned before they focused on the reason that they were here, to battle! They give their orders only hoping that they get through the muddled minds on their Pokemon. Yuuko hears the word Screech and begins to wail loudly the noise waves rushing through the arena and thick grasses. Patty meanwhile spots her trainers miming for her to cover her ears and she tilts her head and places her stubby little arms over her ears at the last moment blinking as she could no longer hear anything, wow this was a weird sensation.

Yukko halts her attack and looks around forgetting what she was yelling for and totally ignoring her trainers orders and goes floating through the arena searching for a reason for being here. Patty does the same not listening to Jess as she orders an attack. Both meet in the middle and feel the grasses next to them shake. A grumpy looking Duskull floats on out its red eye narrowed at the pair. It didn't appreciate the loud noises they were making and it fires a twin beam of nightshades striking both Pokemon and snapping them out of their confusion.

Yuuko shakes from the pain and floats over to her trainer with tears in her eyes but as he offers her the Fresh Water she beams and him and drinks up feeling refreshed and ready for battle again. Patty looks into her Cauldron hoping to find something good and as the healing aroma erupts forth she breathes it in sighing deeply as she's healed too ... well wasn't that lucky ... before the Curse robs her of more health.

Health: 52%
Energy: 49%
Status: Atk +

Health: 54%
Energy: 60%
Status: Sp. Atk + Sp. Def +

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