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Roggenrola explained to Melittin that Behemoth's attacks never actually managed to hit her, and remarked on how funny it sounded when he roared in reaction to this. Just then, Roggenrola noticed that Coselle had arrived, and eagerly tried to jump into her arms, appearing to think she was her mother. Melittin looked just as bewildered and confused at this as the time this had occurred in the bar.

"Seriously," the Kakuna said, to no one in particular, "What the hell is going on around here?"

As Coselle entered, she and Bedivere explained they had come because Marion had wanted to thank him for adopting the Slugma she had so briefly been the owner of. Just then, Roggenrola came jumping over, attempting to leap into Coselle's arms. Though Keith could not understand Roggenrola language, the voice had a definitely happy tone to it. This was fairly surprising to him, though Meowth looked like he was starting to understand something. "Hey, Keith," he muttered into his trainer's ear. "Can I talk ta youse fer a second?"

Keith nodded and walked a few steps away from everyone. "What is it, Meowth?" he asked quietly.

"I tink dat Roggenrola's mother is Coselle," Meowth replied. As Keith raised an eyebrow in a very skeptical reaction to this statement, the Normal-type corrected himself. "Wat I mean ta say is, dat Roggenrola core dat's keepin' her goin', dat must've been from her mother."

"Huh," Keith murmured. "Wow."

"And dis ain't dat weird to youse?" Meowth demanded, surprised at Keith's relatively unfazed reaction.

"Oh, it's weird," Keith nodded. "It's just that I've seen weirder."

Meowth slowly nodded. "Yeah, ya gots a point dere," he conceded. With that, Keith walked back over to where Coselle and Rowan were.

Meanwhile, Myrtle was surprised and extremely displeased to see a creepy Nosepass trying to reach her, referring to her as a magic, floating handkerchief.

Pomona came running up to the two of them. "Hey, Myrtle," grinned the Ivysaur. "This is my new friend, Mr. Nose. Mr. Nose, Myrtle's not a handkerchief," she giggled.

"It is de-ci-ded-ly NOT a plea-sure to meet you, Mis-ter Nose," hissed Myrtle, ensuring she was floating well out of the Nosepass's reach. "And if you call me a hand-ker-chief one more time, I start us-ing my at-tacks, do I make my-self clear?"

"Aw, Myrtle, why do you gotta be mean to him?" Pomona asked.

"He thinks I am a hand-ker-chief," Myrtle snapped. "And he hap-pens to be a gi-gan-tic nose. You do the math."

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