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The lady on the other side of the door takes Rowan's hand and shakes it, her grip firm and surprisingly cold. However, Rowan cannot help but smile friendly, though he had intended a hand-kiss as would proper for an introduction to a lady, a handshake is fine too. The lady then tries to introduce herself and state their reason of arrival, but before she can finish her sentence Keith introduces the woman to Rowan as Coselle, his girlfriend.

"Truly a pleasure Milady," Rowan says to Coselle, as she herself greets Keith. Then, the Frillish carrying the wines and cheeses takes it upon himself to state their reason for visiting Rowan and asks Coselle to give Rowan his visiting card which she does. "You are by no means intruding," Rowan says friendly before he takes a look at the card and reads that the one carrying the gifts is called Bedivere, "This certainly is a fancy card my friend, can't say mine looks anything like this, even though it is for a more professional purpose. I will make sure Haykhong receives it."

Bedivere then says his trainer asked him to thank Rowan for adopting the Slugma now known as Haykhong and then offers the wines and cheeses as a gift of appreciation and esteem. "I'm more than happy to have Haykhong on my team Bedivere," Rowan replies, "We haven't seen much of battle together, however, I do know that Haykhong is not Pokémon one should underestimate." He then takes a good look at the gifts brought in, "Some fine wines and French cheeses you have brought, you have a gratitude." Rowan makes a slight bow for the Frillish as he accepts the gifts. "If I may be so bold to ask, would you mind bringing them over to the living area?" Rowan friendly asks Bedivere, "Haykhong will be there too and I'm sure he will help you further with these goods."

At the same time Melittin asks Roggenrola if it wouldn't hurt if the Steelix would land a Fire Fang, he seemed to be a little shocked. Roggenrola notices and giggles, "You're worried about me, so sweet! But no, it doesn't hurt because he never hits me anyway. I just hide under his way to big face so he can't see me." She laughs, "You should hear him roar when I do that, so funny!"

Roggenrola then notices the women that just entered. If it were possible for a Roggenrola to look surprised than there would be no better chance to see that now. "Mommy!" she shouts excited, "You're here!" Roggenrola then jumps over to her mother, again trying to jump in her arms. This much to the surprise of Rowan.

Meanwhile in the living room, Chuck agrees to watch TV with Rose and asks her if she had anything in mind to watch. Rose nods, she does have an idea, she only can't tell. Not that she would tell this time, even if she could talk. Rose did her best to get something that Chuck would like and ended up with an old slapstick comedy. One she actually enjoyed herself too, judging on the tiny bits that she has seen. Rose turns on the TV and the intro of 'Modern Times' starts. She looks at Chuck, hoping he likes it.
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