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Coselle didn't quite know what to expect when the door finally opened in response to her knock; though Marion had briefly mentioned the name "Rowan" and requested that she and Bedivere thank him for adopting the Slugma she had dropped off for a Shard Quest a few weeks back, she had not provided any description of the young man. Rowan greets Coselle with impressive charm and politeness, referring to her as "milady" and offering both a bow and a handshake. The young woman had to admit that if Rowan was indeed this well-mannered, it would be logical for his Pokemon to have a similar sense of manners, as well. Coselle takes his hand in her almost inhumanly ice-cold grip, shaking it firmly in greeting.

"A pleasure, Rowan. We are here to-" she begins, before a familiar face cuts her off mid-sentence. Looking toward the trainer who greets her with less formality but more familiarity, she listens as the young man introduces Rowan to her, describing her as his girlfriend. She nods once in confirmation, a small smirk playing across her face.

"Hey, Keith," she responds coolly, yet with an underlying smolder. Noting her distraction, Bedivere immediately turns in the direction of Rowan, though he cannot quite see him.

"Oh, Sir Rowan, I do hope that we are not intruding! Indeed, the lady you see before you is Mistress Coselle, the sister of my dearest trainer, Lady Marion. Mistress, I do hope you could give Sir Rowan my visiting card to deliver to Sir Haykhong."

"Oh, right..." Coselle reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small, black card, bearing the name "Bedivere" in incredibly ornate, gold writing, framed with an ocean-like border. Beside the name is a Frillish silhouette, also done meticulously in gold ink. She hands the card to Rowan. "I guess this is for Haykhong so he knows that Bedi's here," Coselle explains with a shrug.

"Ah, yes. The Lady Marion insists that we thank you for adopting Sir Haykhong after a Shard Quest compelled her to hand him to the Shadow Man in exchange for a mysterious fire stone. We are indeed happy to hear that he has been given a home worthy of a Pokemon of his stature." Bedivere attempts to bow, though the gifts he is carrying wobble precariously as he does. "May I have the honor of entering your abode to deliver these tokens of our appreciation and esteem?"

As these introductions go on, Mr. Nose waddles past Rowan into his Secret Base, apparently seeing no need to introduce himself or request entry into Rowan's home. The nose is immediately intercepted by a hyperactive Pomona, who energetically greets him and asks his name.

"Mr. Nose is happy to meet Pomona," the Nosepass responds, bowing with such enthusiasm that he falls, nose-first, to the ground. This sudden faceplant does not seem to phase him; as he rises, however, his small eyes catch sight of something (or someone) that immediately draws his nose as if by magnetic force. Approaching Myrtle with his eyes wide, he reaches up to the Shuppet with his stubby rock-arms, trying (and failing) to jump up and grab her, landing with a heavy thud after each short lift in the air.

"A floating handkerchief! Mr. Nose is fascinated by the ways of this world outside the cave," the Nose exclaims with enthusiasm as he waves his arms frantically to try to reach Myrtle. "Mr. Nose's nose wants the magic handkerchief~"

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