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As Rowan told Keith what his choices for a beverage were, there was a single loud knock on the door. He turned to look just as Behemoth pulled the lever to open the door, and was surprised (yet pleased) to see none other than Coselle at the door. Next to her was a levitating pile of various foods and wines, leading Keith to believe that Bedivere had accompanied her. And then he also spotted the Nosepass who had attempted to disrupt their Valentine's Day date.

"Hey, Coselle," Keith grinned as he walked up. "Rowan, this is my girlfriend Coselle," he added to Rowan.

Meanwhile, Pomona also dashed over to the door, the Ivysaur approaching the Nosepass. "Hi!" Pomona said cheerfully to Mr. Nose. "My name's Pomona, what's yours?"

Rose smiled and nodded happily as Chuck complemented her on her improving abilities. Then, she pointed at the TV, the only item in the room, indicating that she wanted to watch TV with her beloved. "Sure, we can watch TV," Chuck nodded, smiling. "Did you want to watch anything in particular, Rose?"

Melittin was a little surprised as Roggenrola explained that she wanted to slide down the Steelix's back, and a little shocked at the notion of the Steelix attacking her with Fire Fang. "Wouldn't a Fire Fang from that guy kinda, I dunno... hurt like hell or something?" the Kakuna asked. "I mean, even if you are resistant to Fire moves, those teeth look like they could crush you into gravel."

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