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"Unfortunately I do not have the supplies and appliances to be able to serve cold drinks," Rowan replies to Keith question of what there is to drink, "However, I can serve different flavors and kinds of tea. Would prefer something stronger, I can serve you an excellent Glühwein, made of a very delicate Côte Rôtie of hundred percent Syrah grapes and made to taste with a nice mix of spices giving it the tinge of orange, the aroma of cinnamon, touched off with a sprinkling of cloves."

Rowan then turns to Meowth, "I do happen to have milk available as I prefer a dash of milk in my tea, but I am sorry to that it is most likely not at the appropriate temperature for normal consumption. I sincerely apologize for that, but if warm milk is not a problem I'm more than happy to get you some."

At the moment Rowan is about to walk to the living area to get his guests their desired drink he hears a single hard knock on the door. This makes him walk towards the door instead as Behemoth pulled the lever down already, opening the door, and was obviously trying the same trick again as he did with Keith, which Rowan wanted to prevent. Rowan gives his Steelix a stern look, making sure that Behemoth just stays put. Then, as the door opens, Rowan get a surprised look on his face as he sees a couple of for him unfamiliar faces. In front of him stand an unknown, dark-haired woman in what one might call odd clothing given the weather, a Frillish carefully carrying some good looking wines and cheeses and a Nosepass. Rowan, however, is not one to judge and introduces himself in his normal gentlemanly manner.

"Good afternoon Milady, Rowan Virote is the name," Rowan addresses the woman in front of him, "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Rowan makes a slight bow and reaches out his hand with the palm up.

Meanwhile, Roggenrola notices Melittin too as he lowers himself to the floor and asks her what she's doing. "Hi Mel," Roggenrola says happily, "I was just going to see Behemoth over there, see if he would me slide of his back this time." She leaves a second of silence before continuing, "But he will probably try another Fire Fang or something." She laughs, knowing she's too small and manoeuvrable for the Steelix to hit and basically sees annoying him as a funny game.

Rose smiles nods happily after Chuck remark about the color she has send into his mind. Sera's advise really did help her, both in developing her powers as well as her bond with Rowan. Her bond with Rowan has always been extremely strong, after all, it was Rowan who saved her from a certain death if she was left behind in the forest where he found her all alone, without family. But her training with him has helped her a lot. At first Rowan was surprised to see faint colors in his mind, but immediately understood it had come from her, just as he always understood everything she wanted to tell him. But Rowan helped her a lot, he showed her different colors and explained what certain colors can mean in feelings and emotions to help her put those together as she just did with Chuck. And now she's happy to know that all the effort put into her training paid off.

With a loving look in her eyes Rose looks at Chuck and points at the only item in the room, her own cute TV. She wants to watch TV with her boyfriend, maybe watch something romantic, and just cuddle up with him.
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