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The sound of jovial laughter outside of Rowan's abode gradually becomes more apparent to those gathered within, as a particularly jolly, yet eerie Pokemon floats toward the door with his arm-like tentacles full of goodies. Bottles of expensive wine and exquisite-looking French cheeses (balanced perfectly on fine china platters) are carried with impressive dexterity by the small Jellyfish, whose load is so immense that his face is obscured by all that he carries. Guiding him to the door is a mildly annoyed-looking dark-haired woman wearing a black, loose-fitting, capelike coat that drapes over her body, removing all sense of form from her upper body. Despite the weather not necessitating such a fashion statement, the pale maiden had her reasons for making herself uncomfortably warm with ill-suited clothing. Her bare legs stand in stark contrast, the bottom of her plaid skirt barely peeking out from beneath the hem of her coat, though she conscientiously pulls down the plaid fabric as far as she can to ensure some measure of modesty. Though she appears disinterested in the Frillish's constant chatter about the rarity and taste of each of the wines and cheeses he has brought, she does, at least, guide the Frillish to where the door is, and even goes as far as to give the door a single, hard bang to make the owner aware of their presence.

"Oh, my dearest Mistress Coselle, is it not true that a lady simply needs to rap lightly upon the door to attract the attention of those inside? Oh, but I really do appreciate the enthusiasm of your pounding, ohohohohoho~!" Coselle gives the Frillish an irritated glare, though the smiling jellyfish, whose view is obstructed by his gifts, takes no notice. "Oh, but I do hope that Sir Haykhong and the Lady Rose I have heard such wonderful things about are in the mood to accept visitors into his home, though I am content to simply leave this offering here for him to enjoy at his leisure. I do intend to have you meet them when they are inclined to socialize, of course... Now that you are human, you could benefit from observational instruction on how to act as a proper human lady would, much like my sister received when she was young. Ooooh, we have so much to catch up on, my dear~! Have you yet to balance books on your head? Or learn to prepare a proper cup of tea? Oh, it is not the books or the tea that are important... it is the subtle ways of a graceful, poised woman that must be learned."

"I need no such instruction," the woman scowls. "I do not see what is so important about me acting like a lady. I have lady parts. That should be good enough to justify my being one." Coselle cackles a bit, though the Frillish seems decidedly undeterred.

"Oh, but my dear, Sir Haykhong is the very model of gallantry and grace, and the Lady Rose, from what I understand, is an impeccable beauty! Just meeting them would be enough to inspire you to work towards their level of polite, well-mannered charm. I simply know it, ohohohoho~!"

As dark as her expression becomes at Bedivere's insistence, the young woman merely shakes her head, deciding not to further press the issue with the eccentric, ghostly prince. As the human and Pokemon await an answer from the company gathered behind the door, a sudden chill sends a shiver up Coselle's spine, despite the sweat dripping from her back underneath the stuffy cape... Turning around slowly, her worst fears are confirmed, as she is met by a giant, orange nose.

Are we all going visiting? Questions the nose, which is attached to a grey, rock-like body. After a pause, the creature adds, Mr. Nose likes visiting.

"Mr. Nose, how the Hell did you manage to follow us here?" Coselle practically shouts, stamping her foot with irritation and rage.

Mr. Nose is confused at the use of "follow". Mr. Nose has been here for a long time, waiting for us to show up. Mr. Nose is good with directions. Mr. Nose always knows which way to go. The Nosepass swells with pride at his incredible talent. Mr. Nose's trainer is busy researching. She wants us to take the Jelly Man for visits. Mr. Nose overheard our conversation.

"It was MY conversation with Marion, not OUR conver-"

Behind his mound of treats, Bedivere pipes up; "Oh, my dear Coselle, you know how it is in Nosepass and Probopass culture, ohohoho~! They have a very unique way of using pronouns-"

"Yes, I am aware... That doesn't mean that it doesn't piss me right the Hell off." Coselle narrows her eyes, trying her best to ignore the Nosepass that has taken a position right beside her, leaving almost no personal space in between them. Looking up at Coselle for a moment, the big-nosed Pokemon tries to think of a way to appease the angry raven-haired maiden.

Mr. Nose thinks Coselle is very pretty when she is not full of the bad feelings.

"Oh, bugger off, big nose," Coselle mutters. "And I'm always full of the bad feelings, kiddo, so thanks for calling me ugly."

Coselle is very welcome, Mr. Nose happily responds, not catching on to the sarcasm one bit.

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