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Rowan laughed as Keith apologized for Myrtle, and he stated that Myrtle could've been the one to meet Behemoth had she been out instead of Chuck.

"Heh," Keith chuckled. "Only thing is, had it been Myrtle that Behemoth nearly crushed, she... wouldn't have reacted very well, to put it mildly. Shuppet and Banette, vengeance comes only too naturally to them. You get on the bad side of one, and, well... things won't go very well.

Rowan then changed the subject, asking if Keith would like some tea or some other beverage. "Sure, what have you got?" Keith asked.

"I don't suppose youse happens ta have any milk?" Meowth asked.

Melittin saw as Roggenrola entered the room, and then noticed, with mild shock, as she approached the gigantic Steelix. Quickly, the Kakuna lowered himself to the floor and swiftly hopped over to where the Rock-type was. "Hey, Roggenrola," Melittin said to her once he had approached her. "Er... What're you doing?" he asked, glancing at the very, very large Steelix.

In response to Chuck's statement, Rose kissed him on the lips, a loving look in her eyes. Then, Chuck suddenly saw a flash of yellow in his mind, and could feel a rush of happiness along with it. He knew it had to be from Rose, and grinned happily- it was a definite improvement from when she had first started learning to telepathically transmit colors, the color was much more vivid now. "You're getting better with that," the Gastly said to his girlfriend. "That yellow was so vivid... and I could really feel the happiness in there," he added, smiling, glad that he was making her so happy.

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