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After Rowan confirmed it was okay that Keith released his Pokémon the Poison-type specialist released his team and six flashes of later an Umbreon, a Shuppet, an Ivysaur, a Stunfisk, a Kakuna, and a Pawniard appeared. Keith introduced his Pokémon and ended up bickering with his Shuppet in what appeared to be Shuppet language, something Rowan did not understand a single word of, and Keith apologized afterwards for his Shuppet. All Rowan could do was laugh, "It's no problem Keith, she could have met Behemoth too is she was out instead of Chuck."

"Say Keith," Rowan then changes the subject, "would you perhaps fancy a cup of tea or something stronger maybe? I more than happily make you something."

Meanwhile, Roggenrola had enough of helping Haykhong with his attempt at cooking and has made her way past a certain loving couple into the playroom. She looks around in her own way, by echolocation, and decides it will be most fun to play with Behemoth, not having noticed Melittin hanging on the ceiling, and makes her way over to the Steelix shouting, "Hey! Hey! Behemoth!" Though the Steelix doesn't respond, at least not yet.

At the same time in the other room, Rose catches Chuck and they two lovers hug each other. Chuck happily says he thinks it's great to see her again to which Rose responds by giving him a kiss on his lips with the most loving look in her eyes. She thinks it is great to see Chuck again too and to make that clear Rose concentrates to try and send a happy color yellow into the mind of her boyfriend.
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