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After Rowan explained how he got his Steelix, he reassured Keith that he was allowed to let out his Pokemon. "Yeah, I saw the rules," grinned Keith. "Just figured I'd do the polite thing and ask first anyway, though. OK, now, everybody come out!" he added as he flung the Poke Balls into the air.

In half a dozen flashes of light, there appeared an Umbreon, a Shuppet, an Ivysaur, a Stunfisk, a Kakuna, and a Pawniard. The Umbreon stood next to Keith and nudged him with her head until he started to scratch behind her ears, the Kakuna wasted no time in suspending himself from a single strand of String Shot from the ceiling, slowly rotating, his eyes taking in the room as he searched for something... or someone... And the Pawniard eyed Rowan warily.

"This is Ginny," Keith said, gesturing to the Pawniard. "This here is Cyanide," he added with a glance at the Umbreon at his side. "The Kakuna up there, that's Melittin. You remember Pomona, of course-"

"For-get to in-tro-duce me, did you, Meat Sack, hmmmmm?" the Shuppet asked in English (albeit with a creepy stutter) as she floated over to him. "And do not give me a-ny of that 'sa-ving the best for last' crap, ei-ther."

"Myrtle, this is Rowan," Keith said. "Rowan, this is Myrtle, one of my Shuppet. Myrtle, you think you can be nice?"

"I make no pro-mis-es," smirked Myrtle as she turned to face Rowan. "Hel-lo, Row-an," she said. "I sup-pose there are worse fates than ma-king your ac-quain-tance."

Keith sighed and facepalmed. "Myrtle, I said be nice," he said.

"I was nice," Myrtle said, turning to face Keith. "Did you want to see me not be nice?" she added in Shuppet language.

"Just try not to insult anyone, OK?" Keith asked, also in Shuppet language.

"Like I said, no promises," smirked the Shuppet as she floated off.

"Sorry about that," Keith said to Rowan. "Myrtle's really a lot nicer than she'd like everyone to believe she is. She just doesn't open up to others all that easily."

Meanwhile, Chuck noticed that Rose had Teleported right into his path, her arms spread wide, ready to hug him. Chuck slowed down slightly, so as to not knock her over, but all the same, he didn't hesitate at all to fly right into the Ralts's waiting arms. Forming two arms out of his gas, he hugged her back. "It's so great to see you again, Rose," Chuck said happily.

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