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As Behemoth curls himself up in the corer, Keith asks Rowan how he got his Steelix. "I got him in a trade," Rowan replies, "Not too long ago I was notified of the fact that a man named Kairne had put his Steelix up for trade. I always thought that Steelix are great Pokémon already, so I made a single offer high enough to make sure no-one would outbid me, and so it happened, the offer won and Steelix is mine now."

Then, just as the boulder slowly starts to move back into place Keith's Meowth runs in and climbs onto Keith's shoulder. "Nice to see you again Meowth," Rowan says before turning to Keith as he asked if it was okay to take out his Pokémon. "I'm sure you read the rules, kind of hard to miss I'm sure with them being engraved onto the door," Rowan replies laughingly, "so feel free to take them out, I'm wondering who else you've brought with you anyway considering you have 34 Pokémon."

Meanwhile, back in the living area Rose senses the presence of Chuck. The feelings from the Gastly make and those she has for him make her intensely happy, clearly shown by the look in her eyes and the smile on her face. And in all her happiness Rose Teleports herself to the entrance, right in front of the onrushing Chuck. She's holding her arms open to catch him, wanting to give him a big hug.
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