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Keith was quite right to hold his position, for the head of a very large Steelix slammed into the ground, right where Keith and Chuck would have been had Rowan not stopped them. Rowan apologized profusely for his Steelix's behavior, and invited them in. As they entered, Rowan added to Chuck that Rose has been hoping that he would come. As soon as he revealed that she was likely in the living area, Chuck flew through the tunnel, eager to see the Ralts again.

Meanwhile, Keith glanced at the large Steelix coiled up in the corner. "When did you get a Steelix, anyway?" he asked Rowan.

Just then, a small Pokemon dashed through the doorway and climbed onto Keith's shoulder.

"Meowth?" Keith said in surprise. "I thought you were up there the entire time, what happened?"

"Nuttin'," Meowth said dismissively. "Just... kinda saw sometin' shiny on da side o' da road back dere," he muttered.

"Ah. Say no more," Keith nodded. Then, he turned back to Rowan. "It's OK if I let out the other Pokemon I brought, right?" he asked as he took six Poke Balls off his belt.

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