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Much to Rowan's relieve Keith and Chuck heard his call and remained outside the base as Rowan himself comes running over. Right before he arrives at the door, Behemoth's head smashes into the earth behind the opening, on the exact spot where Keith and Chuck would have been if it were not for Rowan's interference.

"I am so sorry for my Steelix behavior," Rowan gasps as he makes a deep bow to apologize, "Behemoth can be quite aggressive and though I did ask him to keep an eye out, I did not mean him to attack anyone." After those lasts words Rowan gives the Steelix a stern look. Behemoth grumbles a bit as he gets up and curls himself up in the corner again, obviously waiting for a new chance.

"But please come in," Rowan continues, "My base is not much at the moment as I still need to decorate it, but please make yourself at home as much as possible." His attention then turns to Chuck, "Rose hoped you would come already, I'm sure she will be eagerly awaiting your arrival in the living area." Rowan points towards the tunnel in the corner, "Just go though there and you'll see her."

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