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Rowan sits on the floor in the living area, still with Rose in his arms, thinking about how he should decorate the room. He got a package with items not long ago from a friend, but Rowan thought that most items would not really fit his style. However, Rose liked the cute TV he got and he decided to place that in the corner of the room. But what else he should place in the base and were, Rowan hasn't exactly figured that out and thus he keeps thinking, not noticing that someone has approached the base.

Behemoth however, has noticed someone approach the base and also heard the knock on the door. Disturbed in his slumber the Steelix lets out an angry roar and with a flick of his tail he pulls the lever down that moves the boulder out of the entrance, allowing the visitor to enter. Behemoth's mouth starts to spark as the door slowly opens, ready to attack anything or anyone with a powerful Thunder Fang as soon as they walk through the opening.

Meanwhile, Rowan was alarmed by the Seelix's roar and decided to check out what angered Behemoth. He walks though the tunnel and sees the door being opened, with Keith and Chuck standing on the other side and about to enter, but he also sees Behemoth standing ready to strike at the first sign of movement from the Poison-type trainer and his Gastly. 'Oh damn' he thinks and then runs over shouting "Wait!" as Behemoth's mouth comes down to strike.
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