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Rowan walks through the empty cave that he now calls his own, in his arms he holds a small Psychic-type. "It seems we're done building for now Rose, Behemoth sure did a fine job at making this space more open, what do you think?" He looks at the little Ralts in his arms, Rose looks up to her trainer with a smile and nods, she agrees that Behemoth did a fine job. "We're lucky I could buy this plot here on Cortoza," Rowan continues, "So close to the Crystal Resort, I'd think some project developer would have snatched it up long ago. So much potential in this place, very nice temperatures if you enjoy warmth like I do and close to a lot of attractive places here on the island."

Rowan then walks up to a pile of what looks to be a pile or iron rubble in the corner near the entrance. "Well done my friend, everyone here enjoys the place." A loud roar can be heard as the pile or iron suddenly comes into motion and is revealed to be a large Steelix. Behemoth roars once more and rolls himself up into the corner again, eagerly awaiting unsuspecting visitors.

Meanwhile, in the living area Haykhong I strolling around with some pots and pans, inspired by Bedivere's lovely cooking back at the bar he decided to try to do some cooking himself, though it proves to be quite a challenge due to his lack of limbs. A furnace however, is something he does not need. By letting his own body temperature rise the Slugma is his own furnace. With him is Roggenrola, jumping around him in an failed attempt to help Haykhong.

"Would you please be so kind to just move yourself to the playroom," Haykhong says friendly but stern, "Or watch TV, but just do something other than helping me please"

"Don't worry Hay," Roggenrola happily replies, jumping around as always, "I won't do anything that troubles you okay? I just want to help."

"If you want to help, than do as I say!" Haykong sneers back at Roggenrola as she failed to catch his message, but without much effect.

"Yay! I can help!" misinterpreting the message, Roggenrola thinks she is allowed to help Haykhong and jumps around even more, now looking for stuff to cook with. All Haykhong can do is sigh, knowing it is of no use trying to get Roggenrola away from him and his first attempt at cooking as she will just continue with misunderstanding his words.

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