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Meowth Logs

Adventure logs:

The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone:
Without any experience in the field Rowan's father has send him up the Silverton Ranges to search for materials and ore in the abandoned mines that litter the area. But Rowan and his Roggenrola soon get distracted by a pair a fighting Pokémon, a Geodude and Snorunt, and the search for ore quickly turns into a struggle to keep bickering pair apart, which results in a fight that nearly collapses the mine. It then becomes clear that the Geodude tried to keep Snorunt from getting a, by then destroyed, Pecha Berry to sick baby causing Rowan to step in. He offers the Snorunt a Casteliacone which heals the baby, but then they are suddenly made aware of the presence of a 'Ranger' who wants Rowan to leave the Snorunt alone. He however refuses to do so and wants to see the Snorunt out first, where the 'Ranger' attacks the Snorunt before Rowan steps in to stop it. At this point a full out battle ensues.
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

The Friend Safari - A Gen VI Event
Rowan learns about an event that introduces the Kalos region to the residents or Fizzytopia through what the Kalosians call a Friend Safari. He takes Rose, his Ralts, with him and goes to the event where Rose senses Byron to be the best choice Rowan's Safari. They get acquainted and soon after entering Byrons Safari Rowan and Rose meet a Goomy who's seems quite interested in Rose, just as to Rowan's surprise, Rose seems interested in the Goomy. The two Pokémon wander off towards a pond according to Byron, and while the path to there is tricky, the sight is simply amazing once they arrive. There Goomy truly makes his interest in Rose known, and Rowan asks if the tiny Dragon wants to join his team to which the Goomy eagerly agrees.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Battle logs:


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