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Getting married! :D
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Delibird Birthdays

January 29th - Corvus (Honchkrow)

March 3rd - Fae (Beautifly)

April 8th - Rose (Kirlia)
April 27th - Colette (Flabébé)

May 19th - Zwart (Seviper)

June 14th - Lilith (Whimsicott)
June 15th - Magneton (Magneton)
June 28th - Sir Haykhong (Slugma)

August 4th - Graw (Rhyhorn)
August 15th - Ambros (Aron)
August 27th - Behemoth (Steelix)

September 21st - Lalu (Roggenrola), Quad (Roggenrola)

November 7th - Devonian (Relicanth)

December 5th - Sylphbane (Honedge)
December 9th - Roshi (Dwebble)
December 12th - Leviathan (Gyarados)

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