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Roggenrola Crystal Quarry Cavern - Rowan's Secret Base

Open for RP

On the mainland of Cortoza, not far from the Crystal Resort, lays the old and abandoned Crystal Quarry. Long since forgotten and hidden behind a big boulder that blocks the entrance, Rowan made this quarry his home with help of Behemoth, his Steelix. Not much is left of the old mine, as the new Crystal Quarry Cavern is no longer used for it's old purpose but now serves as Rowan's Secret Base. This is made clear as soon as someone would approach. The big boulder that still blocks the entrance, but now serves as a mechanical door that can be opened and closed from the inside by pulling a lever. On the outside, the boulder is engraved with the following text:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, feel free to enter my humble base but please adhere the following rules:
  • To anyone who wants to come here, feel free to do so.
  • The place here is big enough, so feel free to bring as many Pokémon as you want, however, I would appreciate it if the bigger species like my own Steelix stay out of the living area.
  • Water-types are allowed on your own responsibility, an aquarium is present for the smaller species but beware of the temperature.
  • In addition, bigger water types can swim freely in the lake bordering the mining site, but stay aware of the temperature.
  • In further addition to the rules above, due to the temperature inside, Ice-types may also feel discomfort, bring them on your own responsibility.
  • In exception to the rules above, if guided through the living area in their Pokéballs, the bigger species can roam freely in the mining site.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice

The cavern itself is split in two spaces. The first open space one would encounter immediately after entering is the playroom for Rowan's Pokémon. The space is big enough, even in height, to hold the biggest of Pokémon as the base is as much for Behemoth as it is for other members of his team. Here Rose has her Cute-TV and Lalu her dolls, but of course the whole team and everyone else is free to use them.

At the middle of the cavern, in the northern wall, a short tunnel leads to the living area of the base. This area is almost as big as the playing room, though not quite as high. After exiting the tunnel one can go in two direction, to the left you will see the living room, where you can watch TV, rest on the sofa's or both. The elevator to Rowan's bedroom can be found here too. On the right side after exiting the tunnel you will find the kitchen room. Cooking and eating is generally done here.

For those interested, in the middle of the two room you can find the aquarium. Small water Pokémon can be kept here, however, it holds water of tropical temperatures so it might not be suitable for the types that live in cold water. Next to the water tank, carved out carefully in the wall, you can find a small shrine dedicated to the Arc_Angel of the Fizzy World.

Entering the elevator in the living room will bring you up to the second floor of the base: Rowan's Bedroom.

The bedroom is quite a big place with always pleasant temperatures to allow the many tropical plants and flowers to flourish. Other things that can be found in the bedroom are, of course, a bed and Rowan's Personal Computer. Next to the bed is a bookcase, as Rowan likes to read a good story every now and then and Rose likes a bedtime story before sleeping. However, more books are available in the mini-library.

The upper level has a second room though. Hidden behind the thick bush of some plants lays a narrow tunnel, hardly big enough to get through as a human, that leads to The Big Boss' secret chamber. Here he does his shady business and from here he can access his secret, illegal mining site at the bottom level of the base.

The elevator does not only go up however, you can also go down, though a helmet is advised when entering Rowan's mines.

Mining is dangerous business, and it's not all gold that you dig up. This proven by the lake here, an old mining shaft has flooded with ground water, creating a deep lake capable of holding the bigger water types. Other than that, the whole mining site is build to have all kinds of Pokémon running around so even the biggest of the biggest are allowed to walk free here. Though please be careful when entering the new mining site.

And this is Rowan's base so far, have fun!

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