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OoC: Orders for this turn are in the final purple paragraph.

A Full Heal. Jess had been fingering a Full Heal in her pocket, and now she was going to use it to rid Patty of her confusion, Cyrus realized. Well, assuming the little wax ghost could make her way over, that was. But to Cyrus's disappointment, little Patty Cake managed to make her way to Jess without too much trouble, and soon she was bathed in the gentle, refreshing, sprinkling kiss of her trainer's Full Heal. While this was happening, Yuuko vanished into the shadows and made herself scarce. As the little wax ghost returned to the arena, she looked for Yuuko but couldn't seem to find her. In the shadows, a dark energy started to glow all around Yuuko -- it was the swirling dark energies with which Yuuko planned to snatch away any of the buffs that Jess might order Patty to attempt over the next few rounds.

Sure enough, Jess ordered Patty to Double Team. The Pokémon began to move quickly back and forth, back and forth, creating several copies of herself. But she came to an abrupt halt as a black aura started to envelop her, causing her to wince in pain. It swirled all about, encircling her, but began to trail off towards the shadows, more and more, until finally it had all but dissipated from around Patty. As Cyrus followed the energy with his eyes, he saw emerging from the shadows not one, not two, but four Misdreavus!


Yuuko watched from the side as Patty waddled her way over towards Jess, stifling her giggles lest she give away her position. The little wax white thing was so funny as it walked! And it was so cute as it showered in the gentle mist of the Full Heal! But Yuuko's master had instructed her to lie in wait in the shadows, ready to pounce on her opponent at any moment should she attempt to use an attack which boosted her attack, her defense, or the like. And then suddenly, there it was. The little candle was moving back and forth, back and forth, back and forth ...

"This is it," Yuuko realized. "I have to stop this, for Master."

A dark energy began to swirl around Yuuko ...

"For my master ..."

She started moving left and right, left and right in the shadows, unseen by the spectators ...

"I would do ..."

Several Yuukos formed from the smoke of night, immaterial, truly ghostly. They all started to giggle.

"... anything."

And then, just as soon as it had begun, the dark energy around Yuuko began to fade. She felt a little exhausted from the experience just now, but ...


Yuuko squealed in delight. Seeing the other ghosts just like her had been one thing, but this was something else!

"It's ... it's me!" she exclaimed. "They're me!" The other Yuukos had shocked expressions on their faces too. They started to fly around one another, peeking and peering at every square inch of each other's bodies, spellbound by the witchcraft which had just given rise to so many of them. Laughing and frolicking, they spilled forth into the arena, like a group of friends arriving in sight as they walked towards you on a quiet nighttime sidewalk.


Seeing the Yuukos like this brought a smile to Cyrus's face. As he saw them laugh and play, dancing around one another, flying circles around a bewildered Patty, Cyrus thought that Yuuko sure was having fun. The four Misdreavus called out to Cyrus in near unison. Though he couldn't quite understand what they were saying -- "Master, Master! Look at us!" -- he could tell that they were enjoying themselves. But now wasn't the time for fun and games. "Yuuko," Cyrus called out, "use Confuse Ray!" The Yuukos surrounded Jess's Litwick, flying around her like a sine wave, undulating up and down, up and down, as 'round and 'round they went, giggling and laughing. To Yuuko, this was such fun! To the poor victim in the center, Cyrus had to consider, this might've been sheer terror. Suddenly the four Yuukos fired orbs of mysterious light at the Litwick. BAM! They caught Patty right in the face. And ...? Cyrus felt a small sense of triumph: despite Jess's best efforts to rid Patty of her confusion, the wax glob was clearly confused once again. (Though whether because of the Confuse Ray or the four Yuukos, who could really say.)


Yuuko and her shadow clones paused for a second to watch the helpless ghost before them totter about. She really was adorable, Yuuko thought. "Awwwwwwwww!" she cooed, punctuated with a squeak of delight. But here Yuuko caught herself. "No time for this! I have to complete Master's orders! First Snatch, he said, then Confuse Ray, and finally ..." Yuuko began to recede into the shadows once more, readying herself to scare the living daylights out of the confused Litwick. She giggled to herself. This was gonna be fun! What sort of face would the other Pokémon make? Would it scream? Would it fall over backwards? Yuuko couldn't wait to find out.

But right as she started to turn around, something caught the corner of her eye. Was that ...?


Cyrus's heart dropped. He'd been feeling really good just now about the execution of Yuuko's attacks, when all of a sudden Patty walked up to Yuuko and ... well, the results spoke for themselves. Patty had just managed to catch Yuuko's attention, and now that she had it, well, she was working Yuuko into a confused rage. Cyrus wasn't really sure what Jess's Pokémon had said or done, but suddenly Yuuko flew off into the tall grass, the Yuuko clones giving concerned chase. "Yuuko, come back!" Cyrus cried out. But to no avail! The noise of rustling grass could be heard, then suddenly a shriek, and ... uh oh! Yuuko, in her confusion, had astonished a wild Seedot instead of Patty Cake! A Nuzleaf suddenly surfaced. Oh no, Cyrus thought, the mother! She angrily chattered at the four Yuukos, and then--


With an angry swirl of her large leaf blade, she sent a Razor Leaf attack flying right at them! All three Yuuko clones were hit by the sharp leaves and vanished into wisps of smoke and shadow, while the real Yuuko, also hit by the leaves, shrieked in pain. The high-pitch wailing hurt Cyrus's ears; but, it also gave him an idea ...

"Yuuko, use your Screech attack!" The terrible high pitch of a wailing banshee ... if Jess and Patty had thought Yuuko's shriek just now ear-shredding, wait until they heard this! "Then while they're still trying to figure out what the heck that just was," Cyrus instructed, "sneak up behind Patty and Astonish her!" It hadn't quite gone as planned just now, but Cyrus was optimistic that this time Yuuko would get it right. He believed in her. After that, there was only one thing left to do. "I have a reward for you after you do that, Yuuko: a refreshing bottle of Fresh Water!" Cyrus held the bottle aloft for Yuuko to see. "You're the best, Yuuko!" Cyrus encouragingly cheered. "You can do it!"

OoC: Will save Yuuko's response to those orders for next time, in part because I really need to know how lilblue plans to RP her own stuff for her and Patty Cake before I can further elaborate on what's going through Yuuko's head right now.
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