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Originally Posted by gmoyes View Post
Ex-Admiral Insane- (No, this is good, I can work with this ;). How about reply in my text colour, #307430. Sorry it took so long)

You have been going around in circles for what seemed like hours. Having absolutely no luck figuring out where you were, you give up and take a breather by a log that you swore you’ve seen before on this trek. When you sit down, you pull out your Pokedex, the computer that led you into this problem. Frustrated, you smash the device into the ground, leaving it unresponsive. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to attack the computer that held your map, but you couldn’t help it in your fit of rage. As you settle down, you pull out a cigarette and light it up, the familiar fumes calming you down. Probably not the best thing for you, but it was what you do when your emotions get out of your control.

You look over at your partner. The Ralts has been an emotional weather vane for you and had always stuck by your side. While the little psychic type was as used to camping outside as you were, he had already started to drift off to sleep. You were inclined to follow. Even though it was getting late, you figured that a little nap wouldn’t hurt. Maybe after a little shut-eye, the map would make a little more sense. You butt out your smoke and close your eyes, hoping that you didn’t sleep too long, or else you’ll have to spend the night in the woods. And that certainly didn’t sound promising.


Close by, there was a Pokémon who had a different sentiment about the approaching nightfall. For them, night was a prosperous time for hunting. A time to be free and to be the top threat of the forest.

As it lay in wait for the sun to set, a scent reached its nose. This scent was familiar, harsh, potent, yet only associated with only one thing.


Curious, the Pokémon tracked down the scent. What it saw brought a grin to its face. Two figures fast asleep, resting against a fallen log. A human and a smaller Pokémon, a Ralts. It was perfect, as if it was made for it. Now for it to get down to work.


You wake up feeling refreshed. Looking at the sky you see that you only had about an hour left of sunlight. You might’ve had the time to get out of the forest if you knew where exactly you were going. As you reached for the pocket you discover that your pokedex wasn’t there. You frantically searched around, but it appeared that it had vanished. You curse aloud and at your cry, Rags woke from his sleep and looked up at you. Looking at your partner helped you calm down and with a sigh you reach for a cigarette. After a moment, you realized that your pack of cigarettes had disappeared as well!

What will you do?

"Aahh! Where's my Pokédex!" Lucas started searching all his pockets frantically looking for it. He started removing every little piece of trash he had kept inside them.
His yell woke up his Pokémon Rags. Rags gave out a yawn and asked his trainer what was going on. Upon hearing his trainer's explanation, the Ralts started panicking as much as his trainer. The trainer right now, decided to be the more level-headed of the two and remain calm.
Rags was running up and down in panic which only frustrated Lucas more as it made it hard for him to calm down. "Rags! Calm down." It didn't work. "Rags, please shut up!" It didn't work. Lucas tried one last attempt and tripped his Pokémon as he passed by him for the umpteenth time. The little Pokémon dove forward and landed with minimal bruising. Non, in fact.
"Ral," he said calmly. (Thanks) It was just what he needed to calm down. He stood up and looked at his trainer, wondering what the plan was.
"It's simple really. The sun is almost setting, so we should ignore the loss of my Pokédex and continue to search for a town. A Pokédex is something irreplaceable after all. Not worth risking our lives over. I'm sure the professor would understand and give us a new one." Rags mulled over Lucas' words.
"Now," he continued. "We both saw the map quite a few times so we must remember which way we had to go from here. Right?"
"Ral." He nodded in agreement.
"So...?" They both tried to remember which way they had to go.
"It's that way/Ralral ru." The pair of them pointed with confidence in opposite directions of each other. They both remained silent.
It would seem that neither of them really remembered which way they were heading.

"Okay, let's take some time to think." Lucas reached for a cigarette to boost his logic thinking (so to say). He couldn't feel them in his inner pocket. That's odd. He checked his other inner pockets. Also empty. His back pockets, front pockets, none of them contained any of his cigarettes.
Lucas' eye twitched a bit. He didn't really need a cigarette, but now that he didn't have any, he REALLY wanted one.
"Some-one." Rags looked up in confusion to his trainer. His words were almost like a stutter and a vein was swelling in his forehead.
"Some-one. Stole. MY. CIGARETTES!" Rags was slightly frightened by his trainer's sudden outburst. "I swear Rags, that I will find the thief and bring him to justice and most of all; that I will get my revenge." Rags let out a deep sigh. It was a bit weird that Lucas didn't care so much about the theft of his Pokédex, but he was going to go all out for barely half a pack?
Rags didn't notice at first, but Lucas had already stormed off into the forest, taking the middle path. Rags quickly went after Lucas. At least one of them was going to have to think straight.

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