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OoC: Orders for Turn 2 are in final purple paragraph of post, or second to last paragraph overall.

Yuuko had managed to successfully vanish into the shadows and astonish poor Patty Cake, but the attack had failed to do little more than to startle the little waxling. And in her fright, Patty released a bright flash of light right into Yuuko's big, deep red eyes which drank in everything they saw. "Yuuko!" Cyrus cried out. The Misdreavus winced in pain: it hurt to have that bright of a light shone directly into one's eyes! Cyrus then heard Jess ordering the little candlestick to calm her mind. Oh no you don't!, thought Cyrus. C'mon, Yuuko, you can do it! As if master and Misdreavus were telepathically linked, Yuuko seemed to respond to Cyrus's internal plea and fired off a mysterious orb of light at Jess's Litwick. It connected! Though Patty seemed to have successfully calmed down, Cyrus hoped she'd now have some trouble responding to her trainer's orders. That certainly seemed to be the case as the little Litwick went charging towards the grass at full speed rather than towards her opponent. She parted thick clumps of grass with her little stubby hands and giggled in amusement. What strange visions did Patty see?, Cyrus wondered. Though what strange visions did he see, he wondered, as he took a second look at the grass. He could've sworn he'd seen something in the grass Patty had parted just now. Was it his imagination? Perhaps there were wild Pokémon in these grasses, he considered. The area did seem like it hadn't seen the touch of a human groundskeeper in quite some time; perhaps there were some wild Tranquil nesting in there, or perhaps the entry tunnel to a colony of Rattata lay that way. Nnn-nn, he shook his head, never mind that right now. He returned his attention to the match and saw Yuuko creeping up behind the peek-a-boo'ing Patty ...

... and as Yuuko placed an expertly-laid curse on the poor baby, Cyrus felt a bit bad for his opponents but was quite pleased with how this battle seemed to be turning out. There was just one thing which was bothering him ... Jess seemed distracted by something in her pocket. It was far too dark to be certain. Cyrus brushed it off as Jess just trying to keep her hands warm.


Yuuko's eyes went wide, her mouth almost stupidly agape in happy wonder, as Jess sent out her Pokémon. A ghost, just like me! she thought. She hovered over towards the referee, her Yamask, her Litwick, Jess, and her Litwick. There was so much she wanted to ask the Litwick. What's your name? Where're you from? What's that? (referring to the purple candle atop Litwick's head) Is it hot? Why are you so white? Is that your house? All that came out though was a happy squeak of admiration and twinkling eyes before Cyrus called back to her and her attention just as quickly diverted back to her master. Master! Master! Did you see this? Yuuko excitedly wanted to convey to him as she hovered back over ...


Yuuko had followed her master's orders as he instructed her to. First, surprise the white ghostie with the purple flame. Second, fire off a Confuse Ray at her. And third, lay an energy-draining
(OoC: HP draining) curse that'd last for the duration of the match. She thought she'd pulled that one off perfectly. Kind of hard to tell with curses. She turned back to face Cyrus, beaming with a face that all but spelled "Did you see that? ^_^", just brimming with joyous affection towards her trainer and seeking some compliment from him, when all of a sudden ...


Yuuko yelped. A cold shiver shot through her spine ... well, her metaphorical spine, at least. Something or someone had just sent some major bad energy her way! What was that?, Yuuko wondered. She immediately turned around, having sensed the feeling coming from behind. Just as soon it was there, it was gone again. Was it her? Yuuko wondered, looking at Patty. But Patty didn't seem to be looking towards Yuuko, nor even particularly displeased: she seemed to be having quite a lot of fun parting blades of grass around the perimeter of the battlefield and giggling at whatever sights and sounds her imagination held in store for her. To the side, Yuuko thought she saw and heard a rustle. Hmmmmmmmmm?~ she thought, her brow knitted. She hovered over towards the spot she thought she'd heard the rustling, eager to see what lay this way, when ...

"Good job, Yuuko!"

Cyrus called out to her, congratulating her on her well-placed Curse and preparing to give her new orders. Yuuko spun around. "MASTER!" she beamed. And she gave him her full attention, eagerly awaiting his next command.


Cyrus returned his focus to the match. "Good job, Yuuko!" he called out. The Misdreavus spun around, her eyes bright, a huge open-mouthed smile on her face. She called out to her trainer, jubilation in her voice. But it was far too soon to be celebrating. Cyrus still had groundwork to lay for this battle.

"Yuuko, I want you to fade back into the darkness and lie in wait for Patty. Snatch away the effects of any stat-boosting attacks Jess may order over the next few turns! Then fire off another Confuse Ray! If you miss, try again! If not, follow it up with another Astonishing scare from the shadows!"

OoC: may RP these orders a bit differently next post, we'll see, to account for outcomes and such. Too much of what I want to say right now about what is going through Cyrus's head would be strategically unwise of me to say this turn. I tried to write the above as best I could without giving Cyrus foresight bias but ... it's tough. -.-;
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