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Ginny, Crabbe, Kage, Sprout: Ginny nodded as Sprout asked if she really believed Kage to be telling the truth. "Trust me, I get where you're coming from," the Pawniard stated. "I was suspicious of every damn move that Seedot made. But... I can't quite explain it. I just got this gut instinct that's telling me that what she's told us this time is true." Ginny paused for a moment. "My trainer, Keith, he always says that everyone deserves a second chance," she continued. "I've never exactly seen eye to eye with him on it, I'm more suspicious of others... so I'm sure you can imagine how unusual it is for me to actually be willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. But it just feels like the right thing to do. Anyway, nice to meet you, Sprout," concluded Ginny.

Pomona, Bubbles, Rubeus: "Yay!" Pomona replied, smiling happily. Taking one of the Corphish's claws with one of her vines, the Ivysaur led the way through the bar, glancing around. She spotted a Victreebel, but before she could get any closer, she suddenly found herself stepping on something. Or someone. Hastily, she stepped back. "Oh! Oh, sorry, Rubeus," she apologized as the Stunfisk awoke and rose into the air to look at the both of them.

"Oh, it's not a problem, Pomona," Rubeus replied courteously. "My kind is built to withstand the weight of a sumo wrestler without any pain, after all- and who is your friend?" he asked, noticing Bubbles and regarding her with interest.

"Oh, yeah, Rubeus, this is my friend Bubbles," Pomona answered. "Bubbles, this is Rubeus, my trainer's Stunfisk."

"Well, it's an absolute pleasure to meet you, miss Bubbles," Rubeus replied politely.

Strychnine, Botch: Strychnine took a sip of her cider and nodded in response to Botch's question. "Yes, it's good stuff," she agreed. Then, she took the pitcher and poured a bit of sludge into her glass. "Then again, I've yet to meet a beverage that can't be improved with a little bit of sludge," she added. She took another sip of the cider and sighed contentedly, in apparent appreciation of the flavor. "Oh, yeah, I knew it," she sighed. Then, she took the pitcher and offered it to Botch. "Hey, Botch, want some sludge in that cider?" she asked?

Cyanide, Pom: Cyanide grinned as Pom stated he didn't think he'd ever get tired of it. As the Aipom then said that while he'd like to go on an adventure with her, he'd be up for anything she'd want to do. "As a matter of fact," smirked the Umbreon, "I was just thinking... You and I both think we'll never get tired of kissing... So..." At this point, she used Psychic once more, lifting Pom until their faces were mere inches apart and they were looking into each other's eyes. "...What say we test that little theory, hmm?" Cyanide asked, something of a seductive tone to her voice.

Marvolo, Melittin, Roggenrola: Elsewhere, a Seviper was slithering around the bar. Bored out of his skull, he glanced around, wondering what to do. He had detected Hyrem's scent earlier, maybe he'd go and get him to sent Amethyst out. If he brought her, anyway. He better have brought her-


"Gaaaaah!" Marvolo hissed as his coils collided with something vaguely spherical and hard as a rock. Looking down, he spotted Melittin, his Weedle teammate, alongside a Roggenrola, the latter being who he had bumped into.

"What the fuck!" Melittin exclaimed. "Hey, Roggenrola... You OK?" he asked her, a hint of concern in his voice.

"I'm the one who injured himself, and your concern goes to that piece of parking lot gravel?!" Marvolo spat. At this, however, Melittin looked absolutely furious.

"What did you just call her?!" the Weedle demanded, glaring up at the massive Seviper, whose tail blade alone was longer than the Bug/Poison-type's entire body. "Take it back. Now."

"You've got some nerve, don't you?" Marvolo hissed. "Not a lot of brains, either, I take it. See, I don't react very well to annoyances like you two. You're really starting to bother me, and that damn rock was in my way."

"You could have looked where you were going," the Weedle shot back. "Now take. It. Back."

"You know what?" Marvolo hissed threateningly as he raised his tail blade, which was currently swirling with water. "Not only will I not take it back, but I think I'll just go ahead and teach you a lesson."

"Go ahead, then," Melittin snapped. "Hit me with your best shot. Fire away."

At this, Marvolo gave a particularly sadistic chuckle. "Oh, I'll do much worse than that," he hissed. "See, you don't seem to fear me, so my attacking you would do no good. However, this lump you so eagerly defend... I wonder how she'd like taking a nice, super effective Aqua Tail."

The defiant look in Melittin's eyes rapidly changed to one of concern... almost one of fear. "No. No, you don't!" he shouted.

"Oh, yes. Yes, I do," Marvolo cackled as he raised his tail, preparing to slam Roggenrola with an Aqua Tail.

The next few moments seemed to go by in slow motion. Melittin crawled as fast as he could until he had positioned himself between Roggenrola and Marvolo's oncoming tail blade... there was the sound of rushing water, the sight of an oncoming Seviper tail blade, and everything went white. Not Melittin's vision, though- Melittin himself. He was glowing brightly. He was evolving. The glowing faded just as Marvolo's tail blade made contact- not with the squishy and easily yielding body of a Weedle, but with the iron-like shell of a Kakuna, the tail bouncing off Melittin's freshly Hardened form with a resounding CLANG.

"Gaaaah!" shouted Marvolo- now he was pissed. "That does it! Get the hell out of my way or so help me, Harden or no Harden, I will squish you like the bug that you are and- MMMMPH!"

For at that moment, Marvolo's mouth was bound shut as the newly evolved Kakuna unleashed his String Shot. He then reeled in the String Shot, forcing the Fang Snake's head down to his level. "Now you listen to me," Melittin hissed. "You will go away right now, or things will only get worse for you. Do I make myself clear?"

Marvolo said nothing- not that he could've, but he didn't even attempt it. Instead, he shot the Kakuna and Roggenrola an insolent glare, then slithered away. The look conveyed his promise to return, his promise that this was not over.

Melittin, meanwhile, was deep in thought. He had stood up to a creature easily ten times his own size, if not more. He had thought nothing of shielding Roggenrola from the Aqua Tail, and even evolved into Kakuna in the process. Well, of course, he wasn't exactly a coward, and Roggenrola was his friend... But no. He couldn't be feeling what he was beginning to suspect this was, could he? Maybe towards another bug, but for Roggenrola? No, no... And yet, he couldn't take his eyes off her, could he? He had been worried for her safety many times back in that cavern... Even now, as he thought about her, he blushed. Could... Could Melittin really be falling in love with Roggenrola? Could this even work? A Kakuna and a Roggenrola... They weren't even in the same Egg Group. And yet, Melittin couldn't help but recall James and Lily. They were able to make it work... But would this be like that, or like Gemini and Nagini, whose brief romance was broken off mutually by all three parties? So many questions flooded the Kakuna's mind, and not nearly as many answers as he wanted. For now, all he could do was make sure Roggenrola was unharmed by the ordeal. "Hey, Roggenrola, you OK?" Melittin asked.

What?  Weedle is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Weedle evolved into Kakuna!

*Melittin learned Harden!*

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