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Round 1

Originally Posted by Talon87
Species: Misdreavus (F) Level 19
Name: Yuuko
Met: Egg House, hatched on May 12, 2008
Type: Ghost
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Growl, Psywave, Sleep Talk, Spite, Astonish, Nasty Plot, Icy Wind, Destiny Bond, Imprison, Screech, Confuse Ray, Curse, Thunderbolt, Snatch, Skill Swap, Mimic, Trick, Mean Look, Heal Bell, Rest
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: King's Rock
Contest Stats: Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Tough: 10 Cute: 10
Beauty Points: --
IQ: 1
Bio: none currently
Trophies: none currently
Current Location: Slot #5 on my active squad (current shop/zone: none)

=Heal Items=
x1 Fresh Water (1 of 10)

=Attacks= (see bottom paragraph for attack orders)
As he approached the path leading off the main road, Cyrus could see a girl waiting for him. He had crossed paths with her once before, while Jess (her name was) had been on vacation, and they had kept in touch for some years via PokéGear. But Cyrus had never once battled with the quiet girl. Tonight would be the first time.

Unsure of what to talk about it, and anxious about the battle at hand, Cyrus turned to catching up talk again and again with Jess as they made their way up the long, winding path. But the two fell silent once again when they reached the gate. The creaking sound placed Cyrus on edge: this seemed like a place where anything -- or anyone -- could happen upon them at any time. As Jessica stepped forward into the tall grass beyond the gate, a Yamask popped out in front of her. Startled, she shrieked in surprise and grabbed onto Cyrus. The spirit snickered and floated off, gesturing for them to follow. Cyrus looked down at Jess. She met his look, blushing, and immediately let go. Cyrus smiled to himself in sympathy for the girl: she was clearly embarassed by what had just happened. No need to be though, he thought. This place is pretty creepy.

Cyrus and Jess trudged through the grass, following the Yamask who beckoned. It led them towards the referee, who greeted the two trainers and explained the rules to them. As Jess cooed at the Litwick in the referee's arms, Cyrus's mind was worlds away. His thoughts consuming his attention, his feet led him back towards the mansion. Looking up at the derelict building before him, Cyrus shivered as much from the cold as from his frightful surroundings. For the young man who savored sunshine and nature, a rundown mansion like this was hardly inviting. He wasn't sure whether to be grateful that their match was scheduled to begin here, in what he could only assume were the mansion's once-gardens, now overrun by tall grasses and weeds, as opposed to within the building before him.

However, Cyrus was not altogether displeased with this choice of battlegrounds. In fact, it seemed very fitting given the circumstances. Cyrus took a PokéBall from his belt, held it out at arm's length, and gently summoned the Pokémon he would be using in today's battle. "Yuuko," he calmly, quietly called, "I choose you." Out from the ball fired a red arc of energy which soon materialized into a Pokémon, both beautiful and gruesome to behold. A floating disembodied head gently ebbed up and down before her master, its colors like the dark purple of night surrounding them. She turned around to face her trainer ... and with a huge smile of such pure-hearted sincerity she "lunged" herself towards her trainer, rubbing her vaporous cheeks against his. The sensation was light and cool, hard to describe: as if being "kissed by air" both forceful and forceless, palpable yet strangely not. Instinctively the young man brought his hands before his face to clutch this affectionate ghost like one might a beach ball and create some distance between her face and his; but his hands passed right through her, giving him a very slight startle which gave way to a smile and realization almost as quickly as it came.

"I missed you too, Yuuko," Cyrus said with a smile, and soon the Ghost-type Pokémon withdrew herself from her master's cheek to take a better look at his face. Drinking in Cyrus's eyes were two intensely curious eyes of red and yellow. Billowing behind was long, vaporous hair of dark purple streaked with gorgeous fuchsia tips. And around her neck was a simple yet beautiful string of red pearls, the likes of which one has never seen in this world. Truly, she was a most beautiful Pokémon ... if a bit ... odd.

"Come, Yuuko. They're waiting for us." Cyrus kindly instructed Yuuko to follow him as he led the way back towards the referee and Jess, and she happily followed behind, her attention now diverting to her surroundings. The dark, clear night sky ... the moon overhead ... and lo, what's this? An abandoned mansion? Could it be ... haunted? Yuuko's heart lept with excitement as she considered the possibility. Might she expect to see others like her kind tonight?

She didn't have to wait very long to find out. As the two approached the referee, Cyrus and Yuuko could see the eerie purple flame of a Litwick. And like a child with his face above a flashlight, illuminated by the candlelight was the ref's Yamask helper. Yuuko's heart leapt for joy as she flitted over towards them. "Yuuko, wait!" Cyrus said, trotting after her to try and catch up, the tall, thick grass catching against his legs and slowing him down. Yuuko drank in everything through her large, peerless eyes. This world, full of such strange and wonderful things, was her garden, Yuuko its young miss.

Exchanging looks with Jess one last time and giving her a nod, Cyrus took to his side of the battlefield and called Yuuko forward. She had been absorbing Jess and Jess's Pokémon -- who were they? what were they? -- and turned around at her master's call, her eyes wide and bright, her mouth agape in happy wonder. Cyrus tried to begin to give her instructions but she eagerly flitted around him, up and down, 'round and 'round, so Cyrus had to wait for her to calm a down bit before ... "Yuuko," he gently said, "here's the plan." The Misdreavus stopped in front of her trainer's face, her face inquisitive. "I don't know what Jess has planned, Yuuko, but she's a smart girl. So the first thing we're going to want to do is to Astonish them. When the referee begins the match, disappear into the darkness and then come up behind Jess's Pokémon and give it a fright! Then, while it's still getting over the shock, I want you to fire off your Confuse Ray attack right at it! Let's try and throw her Pokémon off. Make it harder for them to communicate. And then while they're worrying about that, I want you to place a Curse on them. Nothing too permanent," Cyrus cautioned, "just enough to have an affect during this match. A draining curse would be ideal, but do whatever you can, Yuuko." The Misdreavus nodded, her body rocking back and forth, up and down in the still night air. And as she turned around, ready to disappear at the referee's call and launch her first sneak attack, Cyrus took a quick short breath subconsciously and held it. What would happen next?
Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola
Jessica shivered as she checked her watch. Late. The time, not her opponent. She should’ve known that leaving the choice of arena up to the ref would result in this. Eyeing the eerie vines climbing over the old iron fence and the grinning moon making its own ascent to the night’s apex, she shuddered as she recalled the last time she approached the Mansion by the front entrance. Her fingers wrapped around the Poké Ball she had brought, wished she could release the one inside for light and comfort – but this too had been agreed to leave as a surprise. She had not even dared to bring the contents’ closest kin along to cheer, and the competitor in question had insisted to come alone anyway, tired of coddling and wishing to prove worth without familial support.

Nevertheless, they hadn’t been able to escape without several parting gifts and kisses and warnings to stay safe and warm. Jessica winced as she tugged at the scarf choking her neck – how she hated having anything tight around her throat, especially something so scratchy and suffocating against her skin, but she couldn’t refuse Blueberry’s good will. The Drifloon had specially knitted such a gift herself after all, though it had ended up so long she had to wrap it several times in order to prevent it from dragging on the floor. She shifted the heavy basket in her arms as well, wondering just when she’d have a chance to consume the “midnight snack” Blue had packed them when she heard they were going to a “Garden” to have their Battle. It would certainly sound strange to ask Cyrus to stay for a picnic in such a forbidding place…

Speaking of Cyrus, Jess smiled when she saw him coming up the road. They had only met in person once, when she was traveling outside the realm of Fizzy Bubbles on one of her long vacations “breaks” from Adventuring, or as she liked to call them, “soul-searching missions”. Though he was somewhat of a particular fellow compared to her noncommittal nature, being a Grass specialist and staunch pacifist, the two had found they had much in common when it came to interests concerning matters aside from training. He had helped introduce her to a world far beyond the scope of her imagination, and Jess made many new friends and associates, becoming more confident in her own self. They had kept in close touch for a few years via Pokégear, and eventually both found their way back to FB. This would mark the first time they saw each other since that fateful day when she set foot beyond the border.

After making their greetings, they started up the long, winding path, keeping their catch-up conversation going as long as possible to clear the air of any chill – both internal and external. Both were a bit reserved, and Jess wasn't quite sure what to make of the mysterious man who, despite their many text conversations, had revealed little about his past to her. But then, she was much the same when it came to trusting others with her self and secrets, and she didn't dare pry out of politeness. Given his stance on fighting, she was already amazed he agreed to a match to begin with, but she supposed so long as it was clean combat between friends he had less of an issue with strengthening in such a manner. (Truthfully, though she also preferred peaceful methods, she was pleased to have a chance to see his Pokémon in action at last, as well as show him what hers were capable of.)

Their talk soon fell to silence altogether as they approached the gate, and it creaked open to widely welcome the pair. Jessica boldly swallowed her fear and stepped forward into the tall grass… Immediately inciting a Yamask to appear before her. She shrieked in surprise and instinctively grabbed onto Cyrus. The spirit snickered and floated off, gesturing for them to follow. The girl flushed and immediately let go, hurrying after the ghost to avoid any further awkwardness. Figures she’d make a fool of herself right off the bat.

Their guide effortlessly led them around the side of the house, having the advantage of flight. Meanwhile they were forced to forage through the weeds, which were growing like wildfire (if the front was bad, the back was even worse – clearly the Mansion hadn’t employed a gardener to tend the place in years), until they finally emerged upon a somewhat flattened clearing marked by previous signs of combat. Upon seeing Stacey standing in the center, Jessica waved, though pouted slightly and rolled her eyes when she realized the playful Yamask must belong to the ref. She thought she had recognized Pandora from that time when she secretly spied on observed the Trade at the Cable Club.

Her eyes then fell upon the adorable Pokémon already in Stacey’s arms, and its cuteness caused her to suddenly trip on the turf, stumbling out like a drunkard. Recovering from her second strike, she shuffled sheepishly and beamed at the Liltwick. What a coincidence, she mused, as she released her own comely candle, who burned brightly upon meeting another of her kind. Jess marveled at their method of communicating through smoke signals, and sighed wistfully. As much as she still wished she could abduct Pyre to be Patty’s long-lost big brother, she knew she should be satisfied with one wax flame for now. She couldn’t help but give Stacey an envious glance though.

Turns out she wasn’t the only one considering kidnapping, as Blueberry happened to not be very far away, hiding in the vegetation. Waffle was next to her, holding his hands over her mouth (even though it was already taped) to prevent her from giving away their position by cooing over Stacey’s Pokémon. He convinced her to cease fussing by suggesting that even if they did capture and bring him home, perhaps Patty might fall for him instead… At which point he had to restrain the balloon even more to keep her from coming out and killing another prospective suitor. That Megas golem was bad enough, she’d strangle anyone who tried to steal her precious child away.

The Rotom quickly reminded her of the real reason they were here: To watch over their daughter’s first fight and make sure she didn’t get hurt. (Although he had tried to assure Blue she would be fine to begin with, and that they should trust her as well as their trainer, but the worried mother would hear none of it.) If they revealed themselves now, Patty would never forgive them. She was serious about doing this on her own, just as she was with cooking. Surely as chefs – and as parents – they could understand that sheer determination and desire for independence, right? That got Blue to settle down, though she hovered restlessly, inching closer in hopes of finding a better angle to view her beautiful offspring’s inevitable victory at. Waffle shrugged, and wiped his forehead in relief that at least she wasn’t interfering directly with the match yet. Why, if things didn’t end up going in Patty’s favor… He gulped, and began desperately searching around for a stake to tie his girlfriend’s strings to.

Spoiler: show
Patty Cake Lv. 1
Birthdate: September 13
Nature: Serious
Ability: Flash Fire
Poké Ball: Poké Ball
Hold Item: Bubbling Cauldron
Beauty (Happiness) Points: 10

Level Up Moves:

Minimize - Lv. 3
Smog - Lv. 5
Fire Spin - Lv. 7
Confuse Ray - Lv. 10
Night Shade - Lv. 13
Will-O-Wisp - Lv. 16
Flame Burst - Lv. 24
Imprison - Lv. 28
Memento - Lv. 33
Inferno - Lv. 38
Curse - Lv. 43
Shadow Ball - Lv. 49
Pain Split - Lv. 55
Overheat - Lv. 61

MT/Advanced Moves:
Dark Pulse
Heat Wave
Pain Split

Sleep Talk

Egg Moves:
Acid Armor

Clear Smog

TMs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Calm Mind
Hidden Power

Sunny Day



Double Team

Fire Blast

Flame Charge
Energy Ball


Psych Up
Dream Eater


“Start with a FLASH, followed by CALM MIND! Finish with FLAME CHARGE!"

OoC - Setting aside 1x Full Heal for use during the Battle.
The referee smiled at the pair as they arrived to her arena especially at Jess who cooed over her own Litwick in her arms. Cyrus was otherwise distracted and wandered off to stare at the large Mansion itself. It was a wondrous sight to behold and she was patient so she waited for him to return. His Misdreavus was by his side and she was glad to see that this would be a battle between two ghost Pokemon, she had chosen the arena well. They listened to the rules before taking their place in the spots in the short grass. Cyrus had his Misdreavus already out and Jess had a Rotom out but it wasn't the opponent it would seem. She released her own Litwick, a female one that caught the eye of Pyrexia who grinned at her much to his sister's annoyance. This would be an interesting match. Once she was sure everyone involved was ready Pyrexia let loose a burst of flame that symbolised the start of the match.

Yuuko starts by retreating to the shadows cast over by the long grasses and stalking her way towards Patty who blinks in surprise ... where had her opponant gone to? Wandered off again? Suddenly the Misdreavus appears behind Patty from within the grass and shrieks in an Astonishing tone making her squeal in alarm. It doesn't make her flinch however and she releases a bright Flash right in Yuuko's face almost out of fear and Yuuko winces as the light burns her eyes.

Patty tries to calm her frazzled nerves and ignore the sharp shot of pain from the attack and does so by Calming her Mind boosting her special attack and defences. Yuuko is blinking rapidly trying to clear the spots from her vision and just about makes out Patty. She fires a Confuse Ray at her and it hits her right in the face and despite her calm mind she feels it begin to slip into a confused state and she blinks now totally disorientated.

Jess calls out an order for a Flame Charge but Patty is too interested in the grass tickling her face and she giggles ... she better be careful her flame doesn't set that alight! Yuuko has a much darker plan in mind and closing her eyes she works on a nasty Curse feeling a deep pain in her soul draining her own health. She forces the Curse forward and it envelops Patty making her eyes bug out. She shudders feeling drained and suddenly the curse activates taking a quarter of her health ... in one go. Now they were on the clock, the curse would finish her off in only 4 rounds, better act fast!

Health: 50%
Energy: 77%
Status: Acc -

Health: 70%
Energy: 88%
Status: Sp. Atk + Sp. Def +
Confused Cursed

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