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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Gemini Spark - Fossil Booster Pack 2
Common: Geodude, Horsea, Omanyte, Energy Search
Uncommon: Arbok, Golem, Omastar
Rare: Raichu

Gemini Spark - Jungle Booster Pack 4
Common: Eevee, Exeggcute, Goldeen, Oddish, Oddish
Uncommon: Dodrio, Gloom, Gloom, Lickitung
Rare: Clefable, Mr. Mime, Victreebel

Gemini Spark

Neo Discovery Expansion Set
x1 Spinarak; x1 Teddiursa; x1 Unown (O)
Ooh, another Clefable! Now if only I had a Clefairy to go with it...

Claim: All cards above, including a Fossil Raichu and three Jungle Rares.
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