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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

The Oasis: A vast, desert-like area. Nothing but sand and stone for as far as the eye can see. In the distance there seems to be a bunch of palm trees and a lake, is it real or just a mirage? Pokemon and Trainers that can brave the vicious sandstorms just might be able to find out but beware! A mysterious dense fog in said to sometimes cover this entire area and when it does all sorts of strange things begin to happen…..
When looking down from the sky, two figures can be seen struggling in the sand of the oasis.

"Give up Rags." Lucas was lying face-down in the sand. His pokémon, Rags, trying to drag him since he quit moving.
"Just leave me here. Go! Safe yourself." The trainer was obviously overreacting. They had only been there for what? An hour?
"RA!" The Ralts got angry at his trainer for saying that and jumped on his back.
"Gaahhh!" The trainer flopped on the ground. His back arched from Rags sitting on him. "Get off." The jump provided the necessary initiative for the trainer to get up.
He groaned when he tried to lift himself up. Then he groaned again and shook his hands. Even the sand was too warm to touch.
"It's, HOT!" The trainer was shouting to the skies as if doing that would change anything.
He felt the sun shining straight in his face and so looked down again. It sounded like he was whimpering. He'd cry if he had enough energy ad water left in him.

Rags, on the other hand, felt hot as well, but unlike his trainer he didn't feel the need to complain about it constantly. It was slightly ironic to see how the trainer was acting more childish than his young pokémon.
"I don't even remember why we decided to come here in the first place." The Ralts couldn't remember either.
The trainer removed a water bottle from his backpack. He wanted to take another sip, but he saw how little was left. He decided to give it to his pokémon instead. "Okay fine," the trainer said. Rags finished the last of the water and looked at his trainer. "I feel better now. Let's go." Before leaving though, he picked up Rags and placed him on his head. "There. You rest for a while. You've been dragging me for a while already. Now it's your turn." Rags lighted up at his trainer's kindness. It was odd that his trainer was being so nice. Maybe it was the heat.

Rags just lied on his trainer's head, feeling the warm rays of the sun cascading on his back. Well, the ray were actually quite hot. In fact, they were very hot. Rags could feel his back heating up quickly.
"RAL!" Rags got down as fast he could from atop his trainer and was shouting at his trainer.
The trainer scratched his face while his pokémon was continuing his ranting. "You figured it out a lot sooner than I would have thought." The reason Lucas let his pokémon rest on top his head was to provide shade for him. Though it would come at the price of placing Rags directly closer to the sun.
The trainer let out another sigh. He could feel his head heating up again. It was warming up his body as well.
Rags tried asking his trainer to look for another solution. "Ral. Ralral, ral." Rags was pointing to Lucas' clothes.
"Huh? Of course. Brilliant Rags." The idea wasn't brilliant, but Lucas felt too exhausted to eeven think straight.
He took off his shirt and tried tying it around his head. When finished, he let out a sigh of relief. He could feel his head cool off from the shade provided by his 'hat' as well as his, now bare, chest from not having clothes hanging down. The feeling was almost instant and felt pleasant enough to Lucas.
"Alright Rags, let's continue." He was now in a more serious mood. It would seem the shade had cooled his head enough to get him to think straight.
"Off to find water, shelter and adventure." He moved forward. Rags was right behind him, a smile on his face for his trainer's new-found enthusiasm.

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