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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
I hereby trade my 7 Rare Candies and Slowpoketail for one of Emp's Female Eevee.

And cue the Pokedex entry!

Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon, and the pre-evolved form of Espeon. Eevee are rare Pokemon with unstable genetics that can evolve into many different Pokemon depending on what they are exposed to and the environment they may need to adapt to.

Aw, hi cutie! You look really great!

: Vee! *walks up and nuzzles my leg*

Wow, so you're supposed to be the most behaved of the bunch ... Heh, that's a really good thing since I've got plenty of troublemakers already!

: Ee~vee! *nods and looks up at me*

Well-behaved and cute! I think I'll call you ... Carla! Plus I'll put you in this Premier Ball (1/2) since you're extra special! Let's go, Carla!

*Trade Start*
Traded Lv.1 Eevee with 4BP (formally known as Rue) to Gemini Spark for 7 Candies and 1x Slowpoke Tail.

Giving the Slowpoke Tail to my Tynamo, Serge. You should pick up the reference ;)

*Trade closed*

Originally Posted by Pest View Post
Trading 9 candies and 15,000 coins to empoleon dynamite for his Lv.1 female Eevee. Thank you!

*Trade started*

Upon completion of the trade, putting her into this Love Ball.
Traded Lv.1 Eevee to Pest for 9 Candies and 15,000 coins. You're welcome!

*Trade closed*

Record Marker
(6/7) Female Eevee and (4/7) Male Eevee traded

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