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Originally Posted by Kairne View Post
Trading my Level 2 Male Steelix to Escalion for his 8 Rare Candies.

Spoiler: show
Species: Steelix
Gender: Male
Level: Two
Obtained: Egg House
Evolved: Here
Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0
IQ: 0
Mud Sport
Thunder Fang
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Heavy Slam
Aqua Tail
Rock Smash
Rock Climb
Trading my 8 Rare Candies to Kairne for his lvl 2 male Steelix

*trade closed*

Rowan walks up to the Cable Club building, he is anxious to get there as he has an appointment with some guy named Kairne. Rowan doesn't know much about him, they only had limited contact and not even face to face, but he doesn't really care. The big thing for him, and quite literal that is, is this Steelix Kairne has up for trade and Rowan decided he just had to have it.

As Rowan enters the building he can already see Kairne standing near one of the transfer machines, ready to hand over his Steelix to Rowan, if the payment is right.

"I have what you want right here," Rowan says as he approaches Kairne, holding up a small bag filled with precious Rare Candies. The two shake hands and get to business right away. Rowan hands over the bag and Kairne checks the content. He smirks, the content is just what he wanted, a deal is a deal and he gets to it, transferring the Steelix over to Rowan. Rowan than takes the Pokéball, thanks Kairne and exits the building.

"Come on out you big guy." A flash later a massive Steelix appears in front Rowan, easily towering as high as a two story building. "So big guy, a pleasure to meet you, my name is Rowan Virote and I'm your new trainer." The Steelix unleashes a roar. "Now how about you? You're quite the Behemoth aren't you? How about I call you that?" The Steelix lets out another loud roar and a non of approval. "Great, I'm sure we will get along just fine."

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