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Liliana mused that perhaps she might be seeing shadows as a result of starting to see the spirit world, and could possibly have been becoming stronger, before being interrupted by Peeves's kiss. Peeves could sense the adoration and desire Liliana was feeling... Their relationship had come a long way from mere puppy love, for sure... almost as though the relationship had been growing... maturing... evolving. As this thought occurs to Peeves, he finds himself momentarily blinded by a bright light- not just the light Liliana was giving off, either, no- Peeves realized very quickly that the light was also coming off his own body as he felt changes take place, felt his body expand, his hands become more human-like... The glowing finally faded, and Peeves could hardly believe his eye- both he and Liliana had simultaneously evolved into Dusclops.

At the word "punish", Coselle went into a seductive whisper, but before anything could get too far underway, the other room provided ample distraction in the form of bright glowing. Coselle got off of Keith's lap and went to investigate the glow. Keith followed, equally intrigued, and as he arrived in the other room, his jaw dropped as he witnessed Peeves and Liliana evolving. As the glowing faded, Keith was rendered speechless as he looked at his newly evolved Ghost-type, and merely held up his Pokedex.

"Dusclops, the Beckon Pokemon, and the evolved form of Duskull," the machine droned. "Dusclops's body is completely hollow, and is said to be like a black hole on the inside. It can absorb anything into its body, but it will never come back out."

"Wh... Wha... Whoa!" Keith finally managed to exclaim. "...Whoa!"

"Whoa would just about cover it," agreed the male Dusclops. "Lil... We evolved!" he exclaimed.

"What is go-ing on in here- whoa," came the voice of Myrtle as she floated into the room, and stopped short at the somewhat unexpected sight of a pair of Dusclops. "Ei-ther this neigh-bor-hood is more haun-ted than I thought, or Peeves and Li-li-a-na just e-volved."

"The... the second one," Keith said weakly, still stunned by this whole development. "Definitely the second one. Peeves, Liliana... Congratulations, both of you," he added.

What?  Duskull is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Duskull evolved into Dusclops!

*Peeves learned Shadow Punch!*

*Peeves learned Fire Punch!*

*Peeves learned Ice Punch!*

*Peeves learned ThunderPunch!*

*Peeves learned Gravity!*

*Peeves learned Bind!*
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