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Confirmed for pickup on various Mondays.

Hidden Machine Confirmation
Tess: Gyarados with HM Whirlpool (Pickup: 18/02/2013)
ME: Misdreavus with HM Flash (Pickup: 18/02/2013)
Itza: Spinarak with HM Flash (Pickup: 18/02/2013)
Itza: Torkoal with HM Strength and HM Rock Smash (Pickup: 25/02/2013)

Technical Machine Confirmation
Talon: Lv21 Bulbasaur with TM Rest & Lv19 Misdreavus with TM Rest
Kairne: Dewott with TM X-Scissor & TM Rock Smash

@Kairne - Dewott gets Waterfall by default, so no need to drop him off...just add it to his moveset.
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