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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Hope it's a good one

For you all today Arnie has a gift for you this little
heart container and what does it do, well let me shouw you:

Heart Container
Hold Item
When hit the heart container fills up, once all 4 segments are filled up (4 hits) the user can use the container to heal themselves for 10% of their health.

Hope everyone has a good time and a happy Valentines day.

Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Today we have a few special treats for our very special trainers and their Pokémon.

x1 Super Pass ~ Gives you and your Pokémon some extra Monday goodness. Expires 18th February 2013.
x1 Valentine Candy ~ Gives two levels to a Pokémon with full Beauty Points from the Salon, but one level to any other Pokémon. If banked, is worth the equivalent of a regular rare candy. Full Beauty Training must be linked to when using your Valentines Candy. Please record its use upon pickup.
x1 Love Berry Juice ~ Causes the Pokémon who drinks it to learn an Egg or MT move not yet learned. Expires 18th February 2013.
x1 Passion Pokéblock ~ +20 Beauty & Cute Stats ~ Must be nature compatible. Expires 14th April 2013.

Hope all you lovebirds have a wonderful day!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

Happy Valentines Day

For you all on this day of Love and Happiness I give to you the following:

Base Decoration Goodie Bag (containing)
1x Cute TV
1x Kiss Cushion
1x Kiss Poster
1x Glitter Mat
1x Smoochum Doll
1x Pretty Flowers
1x Pretty Desk (in your choice of colour, please select one upon collection)
1x Pretty Chair (in your choice of colour, please select one upon collection)

And also the following:

1x Base Token (Collect 10 of these and you get a free base extension or 50% off the price of your initial base purchase)
1x Pink Valentine's Coin Case w/5,000 coins
1x Love Berry (Raises a Pokemon 2 Levels and must be used in this thread)
1x Bouquet of Red Roses (Teaches Sweet Scent to those Pokemon that can learn it via TM. Expires 20th February).

Collecting all of the stuff quoted above. Repeating, that is:
x1 Heart Container
x1 Super Pass
x1 Valentine Candy
x1 Love Berry Juice
x1 Passion Pokéblock ~ Tess Edit: Traded here.
x1 Base Decoration Goodie Bag, containing:
...x1 Cute TV
...x1 Kiss Cushion
...x1 Kiss Poster
...x1 Glitter Mat
...x1 Smoochum Doll
...x1 Pretty Flowers
...x1 Pretty Desk (Green)
...1x Pretty Chair (Green)
1x Base Token
x1 Pink Valentine's Coin Case w/5,000 coins
x1 Love Berry
x1 Bouquet of Red Roses

Of these items, the ones I'll go ahead and use are as follows:

Bouquet of Red Roses: I'll use this to teach Sweet Scent to my Level 1 Petilil (Serebiidex). It's an Egg Move only for her, but:
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
uhhhhh: You may teach it to a Pokemon that can learn Sweet Scent in the games, so that's by TM/EM/MT or Level Up. I specified TM only as a guide, so you may use it on Petilil but link to her Pokedex page
So that means I can use it this way too, and will be doing so.

Valentine Candy: I'll be depositing this in the-- oh, that's right, I actually have a max beauty Pokémon for the time being. I guess that means I'll be feeding this to you, then, Budew.

Budew: :>

Feeding one Valentine Candy to my Level 1 Budew with 10 Beauty Points, raising his level from 1 to 3.

Love Berry Juice: I'll have Misdreavus drink this, teaching her MT Heal Bell.

Love Berry: I'll feed this to SugarPuff, my Level 54 Hoppip, raising her level to Level 56.

Thanks very much, and have a happy Valentine's Day.

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